25 February, 2008


markéta irglová and glen hansard won oscar!!!
as czech, i am so proud of her!!!

24 February, 2008


i love walks on break of the day and night.
this is form todays walk through prague in warm spring air listening to snow patrol, hanne hukkelberg and beirut.

do you know that feeling you want to jump and cry and lough of joy. all at once?


new skirt made this friday.
spring is comming.

inspired by eley kishimoto or roots by labour of heart

my moleskine

yesterday there was a ball in our school. everyone came dressed up like cartoon characters.
czech regge and ska band sto zvířat has played
300 people was jumping in one rythm
and lights were changing as trumpets blowes...

i forgot my camera at home...so i had to paint it.

i just found this. i'd like to have bad cover from it.
to improve my musical knowledge i have new everyday stop here.
and thanks god, kris is back, healthy and alive again.

at the end, please, while living your sunny spring lives, think of mij's mother.

20 February, 2008


looking for roots
this morning i was looking for house where my grandparents used to live
and i found it

one my friend made me a company.
and after that we went to his place and have musical party
going through all my favorite music videos. as this, this and this and of course this and some of my new discoveries on fabchannel.

sun, music and live, as meggie mentioned


rehearsals are going surprisingly well.
i am still afraid of getting it all "in one corpse".
i mean... all the time i am chacking if it makes sense.

at the evening we went drinking.
some of my friends get drunk and it was not nice to look at them.
i don't like drunk friends.
swollen, red, with "blured pronontiation", pottering around.

morning inspiration:
great skirt
this always makes my day
funny clothing
and finaly this guy from satorialist...cute hairstyle.

19 February, 2008

my moleskine

i think i can try textile-prints.


so after two days of work i have finaly my jacket.
the best thing i ever sewed (the only defect are button holes).
and at the same time it's first thing with lining i ever sewed.
i am trully proud of myself.
photos are not excelent, but i hope you have a picture.

looking forward sewing my new skirt.

uniform studio blog is in work and the new things looks great. thinking about copy the folding.
look at this fashion photo set. i found it really funny.
via simplyolive (whtch is my daily station in recent time) i found this magazine. still in stadium of exploring.

17 February, 2008


it's weekend and i have finaly enough time to do some relaxing work:

here is something of my late inspiration
::best behaviour::
::simply olive::
::day birger et mikksen via rajda::
::desire for fabric prints via grijs::
::and mainly sally scott by vic::

16 February, 2008

sun fronted prague

on thursday gray and freezy evening i was speaking with ahasver about my immediate life fight and i ended with sentence: i hope tomorrow sun will shine.

and i woke up yesterday morning looking into blue sky.

in the afternoon i had walk through old town prague center...
and after that for more than five hours sitting in indigo
watching sun and running clouds
and was fascinated with lonely snow flakes

and reading keroak's on the road

15 February, 2008


yesterday it was valentine's day
i don't celebrate that it
it's not tradition in our family nor country

this was the only valentine gift i ever gave.

last days i started hate all the heart shaped things that bursted into my reader.
just for example

i am getting mad seeing this quite silly pink shape

::sorry to all who deeply celebrate it::


ok. rehearsls are getting well.
the corpse burner
known more as film in here
but at first it's book by ladislav fuks.
amazing book about superfical understanding to religion, ideology and life at all
about lack of self-distance
and insincerity to myself.

and afcourse about murders and madness.

and we are all amazed!

12 February, 2008


weather changed, sun hide and shades of winter are comming back.

yesterday i found on dresslab something i couldn't get my eyes out of it: erika svensson.
elly have published new post some time ago and it really made my day this morning. (i like the babbitt and the bromide the most)
and at the end, extremely cool performence here.

the photo on the top is my attempt at erika svensson style.

11 February, 2008

my moleskine

inspired by my friends song.

::sumertime has come to freedom and i'm trying to say
we don't have to fly above the freedom and i'm trying to pretend i don't know why::

if it don't make sance don't worry... it's a bit purpouse


ok. i am a bit drunk...

yesterday we had a carneval parade with children on vyšehrad (hill in prague)
we had about 200 participants i gues, it was hard to count.
great thing... we were voting if to execute carneval horse or not.
remind of running president elections in here (it's as well carneval as we did)

and now i came back from premiere eve of musical comedy in school
i have fear from man that is in love with me
i am drunk
i am tired
and i am sad
all day long thinking of my summer love... can't get him out of my head

listening to please the trees (thank you mascee) and blooming klaxons and all the music that reminds me of spring...

08 February, 2008


so another try
after posting this i shut down internet and take a pen in my hands
and do something

my new addiction: fabchannel . inspiring.
i just found hanne hukkelberg and her fabulous crispy songs or xavier rudd and his ::one man music::...

i've get ::you made my day award:: from simplyolive .
i am still thinking who to give award to ...

photo: is from my weekend journey.

07 February, 2008


i just came back from theatre
sarabanda by ingmar bergman in small but legendary theatre na zábradlí
3 hours of essential theatre...

dripping words colored by gesture and light

i have an experience


i woke up early this morning with resolution to work.
instead i sit and watch, fascinated, concert of andrew bird on fabchannel.
don't have much time to do what i wanted...

oh, i want to swear at myself


on tueday i was on walk with ahasver. he is surprised by how many people read his blog, so i will not link him.

it was long time ago i had so long walk. on the tops of prague hills. hm... hot wine and soft sun and wind that can't decide if to be freeze or springly warm.

oh what a beautiful city i live in!

and this broken cage we found when we went out of cafe. that was punch line of our journy this day.

05 February, 2008


look at the beauty of move

hm that is how my life is moving
some days ago i met new friend on last.fm
i find out that one of my blog readers is toni. very nice person, but the kind of i didn`t ever expect to find as reader of constructive lazzines (glad to meet you toni).

i found beautiful photos from family trees ::flickr::livejournal:: and great ::video :: from her (i hope it`s her)

and another photos from my flickr friends ::here::here::here:: and picture of joy and fun ::here::


this weekend we've spend in small village called dolní buková.
it's the place where shop is opened one hour per week, and pub just on friday.
we slept in old gymnastic room next to the taproom.

main aim was to beggin rehersals of our new performence in kind of nice and isolated atmosphere.

bud on saturday we had to involve in local carnival parade (more photo ::here::).
all fun is based on parade going from door to door through whole village. in every door you have short and donut.

after 2h we all tasted so much alcoholic drinks we didn't taste in our whole entire lives and all of us get drunk.
and aftrwords, in the pub another singing and dancing and another drinking

after all it was perfect weekend. sun and freeze and shorts. we read text of our new performence and talked about it. in atmosphere of fun and laugh.


04 February, 2008


i've rested in bad mood.
but the concert was great. if you want to listen to music of madebythefire...here

some news (for that i was long time out of contact)
i need to change my hair and i love this hair cut
felt in love with this skirt and was surprised by this photo. and here is something for your breakfast.

tage wie dieser has a new posts after long time. especially this is great.