31 March, 2008


i was on the hives concert!
the best show i saw in my whole life.

i was jumping for three hours and didn't feel tiredness.
i was sweating.
and i lost my voice while screaming according to amazing howlin' pelle almqvist.

that all thanks to my last.fm friend anil who invied me.
i couldn't ever afford the tickets.
thanks a lot, friend!!!

28 March, 2008


i hade very strange dream about the guy on right site of photo ::justin::
we've travel to the bigest mountain of texas and mexico.
the dream resambled "on the road".
maybe because i am working on strage adaptation of it right now.
and when we've reach the mountain, we jumped of joy!

every time i feel or need to feel joy of life
i dream about this amuzing human being.
strange thing.

the photo is from ::adrenne :: and i wish i could hear what thay are playing!

26 March, 2008


there used to be sun.
now the snow falls again.
what a strange spring this year!

some spots for today:
interesting items and the musical background makes you browse it for a long while.
full of fabulous.cushions

preview of new bjork video
via pitchfork.
i think it will be just great video.

::all we need is sleep:: na ::familly tree::
made my day again.
as usual.

i am addicted on ::coldplay :: again
in last time.
i love their lyrics!
always make me cry.

and i adore les fleurs from ::4hero::

25 March, 2008


i have made new angel. there always has to be one hanging on my wall.
this is not exactly how i wanted to be.
i think i will try again.

look at this fabulous dress.

23 March, 2008


i needed to make me a new "wallpaper image".
i cannot decide whether to hang it above my bed or not.
on the first look it looks fine but on the second...
don't know if i want to look at it every morning.

(the typing on it means: music)

i found this lamp. maybe with light from it my picture would look more... cosy, soft, lookable?

and little bit of ester's kid images. if i was child, i'd love it!

22 March, 2008

my moleskine

still trying to find the right way for birds to fly

today inspired by new liza's scatches from book by it's cover


another performence saw yesterday ::social dance::

girls had great dresses and i am thinking about sewing this weekend...
so i am thinking about sew some spring dress.

something like this, this, this or this

i just found beautiful photos by annabel mehran.
it worth to chack it out.

and at the end:
if you are looking for the right outfit of your room look here


ok. here are some photos from our reharsals of the corps burner.
we are fighting hard with it.
but finally.
it will be really something!

21 March, 2008


yesterday i was on fabulous performence
half puppet show, half dance theatre

john sinclair

based on the classical science fiction book series.
excelent sound. excelent costumes. theatre noir. violence and dark magic floating through all dimensions of universe.

talking about something hard, violent and nir...do you know cadbury's cream egg?

or here and the best one here

20 March, 2008


lack of time but some spotlights:
easter comming!
i look forward it. all day long i am locked up in theatre, rehearsing. still 4 weeks of rehearsals infront of me. what keeps me bit alive is regular swiming pool wisits. thanks god for the idea of swimming pool! (top photo from tragic waser)

here is something really touching.

15 March, 2008

my moleskine

two sites of one thing.

made from photo of wladimir 518


yesterday i was on czech-poland performence ::memory of lanscape:: today i am going on second part ::landscape of memory::

it was great kinetic theatre about people who meet in train. about their live loves and breake ups... with fantastic music of radiohead and more.


time of changes as alyson sad.
i think it's cause of spring.

i dyed my hair this morning. i was thinking of blonde, finaly it it dark brown...maroon.

i love smosh hair colore, but i don't think i have the right type of face for it...

14 March, 2008


i had some pause in taking photos.
so here are some from my flickr friends.
first from all we need is to sleep and second from meg.

i am rehearsing hard. so i have no time to write proper posts.
in recend time there were some interesting posts from my friends and one even mentioning my buddy icon (thanks grijs).

alyson wrote about perfect bag some time ago and andrea just reminded me of impulse (look at their new shirt!)

i am starting to looking for something new to listen, or come back to some old songs... can't find the right sound!

09 March, 2008


just briefly.
on suterday we made next afternoon for children.
lots of interesting actions, but one of the most amuzing was playing marbles.

my legs are aching cause i was jumping with children all the day.

but i am happy that it was great day and everyone enjoied to very much.

07 March, 2008


yesterday i made a little walk through prague castle.
sun and wind made my skin smell so sweet
i started to regreatting there was noone who i could sand this spring smell of mine to.

i had brief conversation with simplyolive how it would be nice to meet all of you, who read blogs of us.
i was suggesting holidays in prague.
if you anyone have way around, don't hesitate to let me know!

i just recieved you made my day award from toni. thanks for that, toni.

05 March, 2008


strange day today.
sun and snow.
day at the middle of winter and spring.

rehearsals went in strange ways, but finaly it was not bad.

the first photo is about love to theatre...
the heart is made from the theatre ticket.
and the next two are just my way how to escape from the strange stuck in the middle of creating dramatic process.

i was listening to the new gnarls barkley album.
i was stunned by song ::open book::, but can't find it to give you a picture.
so here is ::gone dady gone::.
not even close to the feeling i had from ::open book::, but...


i've took this photo a week ago on prague castle.
you can see me turning round, what is exact expresion of how i feel.

weather seems to be spring, but it's freezing again.
today i am going to swim again and i look forward to it.

did you see new things from uniform studio? i felt in love with them.
also this photo by leah is great.
and through jen i found this fabulous blog.

04 March, 2008

we want swim yesterday.
one of the most positive things that happend in last days.


nothing is working in recent time .
i've worked on my new moleskine picture
i coverd the page with unsuccesfull image with blue color three times
and still nothing.
no inspiration.

spring is laying on me hard.

some links that caught my eye:
this new video by justice.
this shirts via creativeadoration.
house of my dream
and this nicole farhi dress


i wasn't here for long time.
tim is running fast in last days and sprong is comming and all it's depressions with it and i am finding out that virtual world of blogging can cause you harm as well as any other world.
don't ask me what happend.
i will not tell.

my soundtrack for today is ticking bomb by hanne hukkelberg.