27 June, 2007

do you want to know what i long for?


this is it. doesn't seems waiting?

NYLON music

ok. let's talk about some fresh music from NYLON magazine.

there is lots of it, but just the most interesting for me. actually everytime i go through that magazine, i find something new. there is lot of to explore.

SPOONis band from Austin in Texas. their music is like happy easy rock style and all these boys are very ... nice. this clip is very interesting and artisticly...blablabla, you know.

this is teh one i felt in love with: patrick wolf. he is just crazy. and he is from UK (of course).
now one london female solo artist: bat for lashes. it's dreamfull music with strange creatures of sound. not as strange as Björk for example, but can be compared.

Jamie Lidell is one from UK but now he lives in berlin.and this music quite interests me a lot... yeah...he is strange...and who is not...saythetruth... ... hm...

and now for something more nordic: el perro del mar. soft and frangible and glassy music of Sarah Assbring from Gothenburg, Sweden.

the last one i want to introduce now is the one you probably know: interpol from new york. just enjoy nusic from these nice gantlemen.

25 June, 2007

the decemberists

very beautiful video. the one that tells jou film in 4 min. it's all at the edge of seriousnes and funn. i enjoy it very much.

24 June, 2007

story about duck and lost children

this are photos from performence that was result of workshop on PQ lead by Jean-Guy Lecat. it was focused on feeling empty space and work with it (if i've get it right).

new shoes

i was in shopping mood today, so i went to the store and bought new shoes, that i otherwise needed.

they are from baťa, the 100 years old czech shoe label. pure leaather just for 999 kc (czech crowns) what is like 25 USD. good price! and they are fucking comfortable.

actually i went for another totaly different green shoes, but these were like waiting for me there. i put them on my feet and i knew: this is it!



i like that black and white White Dotts look.


23 June, 2007


here is my new discovery:

nylon magazine

it's well designed magazine puting together music and fashion. actually nothing else can be read here. but let's say that from magazine we don't expect anything else. isn't it so?


another australian PQ friend.

lauren is perfectly designed pale skin girl. i like her a lot. she is polite (as all of the australiens) but know to say her word.

i like her theatrical taste and artistical view. she is funny.

here is her song:

22 June, 2007


this is one of the (hope i should say) friends i found on PQ 07.


justin is from texas. looks like a comix hero. he knows many things and he knows he knows them (if you know what i mean).

what he realy is i'm not sure. he was introduced me as a great puppeteer but i found out he's kind of stage designer, musician, sewer costume designer, actor, shoemaker, singer, tap dancer, dancer at all, member of sunrise club and party leader.


with him surprises never stops.
the first one was about music that he is listening. actually i never met someone who
is fan of the same kind of music as me. it's mybe for tah i am listening to that
anglo-american rock, folk, acustical, indie stuff that hardly no one knows in here.

listen to one of our favorite:

and at the end short video of cody and justin at the prague-leaving evening.

hair-cut party


here are some photos from cutting and dyeing party that went on this afternoon in hotel where our amustralian friends live.

imagine wine, some food, good music - regina spector, kings of convenience, david bruebeck, sufjan stevens, edith piaf and OH MY GOD:



15 June, 2007

fresh photos from opening PQ 07

there are more to come. i have lack of time so wait for larger explenations.


registration queue. in that i waited for two hours. and than i noticed i am - as an performer - registrated for scenofest staff. and in there was no queue and it was for free.



all were waiting outside for inauguration of exhibition, but houndreds of people were inside preparating and of course eating and drinking, so all the treatmens for fest was eaten before inauguration - just ordinary staff.


industrial palace from inside.

one texasan student i met was loughing saying: i am sitting in building from year about 1770. for you it's not much, but in that time USA was founded.



opening bird-parade


robot dance in the babel tower.


waiting for performence to begin.


horrible tales.


lessons of flying in black box (teached by 3 very sexy sottsmen).


in the bar - finally.

14 June, 2007

ashley wood

pictures from my new discovery: ashley wood.

i like the links of his drawings. i konw i saw his name somwhere, i can't recall. on his profile is written he is world known, so maybe my feeling comes from some "world mind" that knows him.

jusut enjoy these pictures.

Fugueuses - Je te fuis

Fugueuses - Je te fuis
Originally uploaded by mrs ka [ liki ] maka

this shot has so special atmosphere! like after-crying mood or the oposit - spread heppines, if you understand what i mean.

experimental upload

this video is uploaded in blogger in draft.

it's from hanging the iron baby to hight of 16m right infront the industrial palace where the PQ 07 take a place. from tomorow we start to "perform" with it. no one knows what will happen.

but it siwings well.

13 June, 2007


i never had the courage to get into this thing. but this video makes me no fear. watch the cow at the end and the eagle at the beggining.

11 June, 2007

dress of the day


these photos are not well taken, but you can picture it. this is my new dress: hand made.



love actually (my favorite scene)

the journey to the could mountain

on suterday i was sick and lay in friends house and made my hard melted by these two films. i love both. and i love romantic movies at all.

pictures from train

i made a few quite nice pictures in the train.


i don't know what song actually i was inspireted by. let's say it was this:



iˇve just came back from hills. where we were on last visit before the theatre festival we prepare starts. crazy idea to put theatre on the hill.

we came back sunburned and tired. but satisfied with the tour. it cause the sun and fresh mountain-air.

i love sunburn - i have the feeling, something with my body is happening, and when it starts to get brown you get excelently sun-tanned. for me it is the only way how to get sun-tan, actually.

07 June, 2007



the workshop in factory starts to be more and more interesting and more and more dangerous. today we are going to wrap the iron baby in meat, barbecued it and eat it. it's idea of our australian mates cause thay were looking for something typicaly australian.

i am curious.

05 June, 2007

new neet

new NEET magazine. check out! fantastic spring and summer issues.

rainy visit


at the weekend i was on visit highlands. my friend tereza comes from here. and now i understand why she has depresion every time she comes to prague.

from kitchen window thay look at the green sea of grass lined on horizont with spume made of trees. all the time softly rained and clouds runned over the sky in big heaps.

i again revalled the great devorce by c.s.lewis. fantastic trip!


02 June, 2007

graffiti castle

i found this on graffiti project - who would like to live in such castle. for example me.

after so hard living in underground (mean my rehearsal) is nice to dream of rainbow-colored castles.

01 June, 2007

sew sew


this is the dress i sewed last month and this week cames another. also great. or i think it's great. comfortable at first. that's main.