24 November, 2008


after few days of shrove
i came back to my table, paper and brush.

and suddenly, i was holding aquarell colours
it was like year ago
the last time i used them

and here is my guardian angel

i have to practise my colouring skills more often.

22 November, 2008


i woke up and thought it's damn mist again outside the window
but it was snawing

first snow in prague!

20 November, 2008


i started to descover beauty of strips
acctually i didn't win the komiksfest contest, but there is another year of excersising and than...
i surely must win.

11 November, 2008


just brief message from our weekend with cat tracy and three sisters.
this animal is unbelieveable and i hope that one day i'll keep my own little tiger.

06 November, 2008


i just dive into sea if mashups.
i've been swiming in the vast sea of mixes all moning.
this is just the glimpse of what i've founfd.
i enjoy it soo much.

last.fm mashup radio
party ben

not gonna get us downtown

05 November, 2008


end of the carneval by josef topol in disk theatre

i don't know why they play it, but they play it well.


my new dress.
inspired by sutnar cups.

not good photo, but it represents the main thought.