21 February, 2009


from one of night adventures with my friend.
chapeau rouge.
famous dance bar for foreigners and turists in dentre prague.

16 February, 2009


as we don't have enough of being together
we went on walk with our actres
on the only day off this week

12 February, 2009

totaly agree with THIS



my friend asked me to draw a portrait of her and her friends.
this is the resilt of my attempt.

tha orginal picture is much more better then this fast taken photo.
of course...

09 February, 2009


way how to amuze bored dramaturg
during long rehearsal:

07 February, 2009


it was "goodbye party" with friend's flat last night.
i left when everybody went drunk.

everybody starts behave silly...

03 February, 2009


we went to the mountains
rehearsing music for our performence
beautiful weather
gin and tonic
lot of meat food
guitar, cello, clarinet
funny games
and amazing mates.

real holidays!