26 October, 2008


so this is my work desk.
i do skatches on it
and i look forward time i'll change the paper
and that old one i sign with date
and put it in my archive...
and i look forward the day i will go through my archive and revive all memories connected to this piece of (kind of) ready-made art...

20 October, 2008


this is my real passion:
i love rugby.
and i saw nearly all haka records on youtube today.

enjoy it this one!


i finaly finished comic for komiksfest contest

george and his forbiden world

15 October, 2008


my freind asked me:
how are you
i said
autumn felt on me
so i am bit melancholic and sad

and he said:
you do have fall 364 days in year, don't you?

excuse me?
what does this mean?
what if he's right?...

12 October, 2008


i was there for the first time
and i enjoyed it very much
although they say it's the same every year

05 October, 2008


today i had quite a culture-filled-up day

i saw new episode of chuck and i decided to merry chuck bartowski.
he's... how they say it in tv series?

beside that i saw in bruges and tropic thunder.
the first one was excelent, the second one had a bit over...exaggerated reviews
but robert downey jr. is just perfect.

at the end i visited exhibition of contemporary chinese painting.
very interesting one.


saw yesterday:
incomplete dream (neúplný sen)
in roxy/nod

inspired by pessoa's faust

amazing stage poetry about meaning of life, theatre, death and about the greatest secret of the universe.

"don't take it to serious"

04 October, 2008

my moleskine

new prints in my moleskine
i am kind of...
smashed in recent time, as shows the print of broken hearts...
not that i would have broken heart...
but i feel kind of like i have...

it must be cause of autumn

th blue one is inspired by new vivienne westweood collection