30 January, 2007

something for cheering up - The Klaxons Golden Skans

I find this video visual orgy! I don't know why, but it suits.

Saša and Arkadina prepearing for final rehearsal

Saša a Arkadina
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Today we wait only for last rehearsal.
And than finaly - end!

Oh, how I am looking forward it! And after that, we are going to drunk in in club of National Theatre! excelent way of spending a night.

29 January, 2007

Ivanov a Saša

Ivanov a Saša
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I am fed up with rehearsing. I've got head full of Anton Pavlovič Čechov. On Wednesday we have performence and after that - rest in peace Anton Pavlovič!

Don't want to say I hate him. But 3 months with 6 pages of 3 dialogues - don't you think its too much?

John Cleese in Chees Shop

According to the previous post I put there this fabulous Python skatch!

Eat Eat Eat

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After many months of starving, finaly I can eat properly. I am getting well after taking my pills for two weeks.

This food don't seems to be tasty on this shot, but it's my mum's Indian speciality with curry and chicken meat.

Oh, how I enjoyed it!!! I hope I will put on weight finally.

27 January, 2007

Monty Python - French Skatch

One of my favorites Pythons skatch! Enjoy that!


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It would be nice, if that photo was mine, but it isn't. But the snow there falls the same way, like now outsite my window.

Snow Blizz in Prague

Last three days snows. Prague is so white, I never saw.

I am trying to delete some mp3 files from computer to make a space for new one. Im totally addicted to music.

And out of window - snow blizz. Clothes lines flying in wind. And I listen to Everything Showes by Masha Qrella and Portmarnock Beach Boy Blue by Guggenheim Grotto.

The Guggenheim Grotto Official Website
Masha Qrella Website

23 January, 2007

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This is picture of the only snow, that felt down this winter in Prague. It was 3 days before New Year and all Prague was surprised. Sliding across Charles Britge, snow fight on tram station. and happy faces in underground. Amazing atmosphere. An the time stoped for a while!

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My grandmother is excelent in buying absolutly unuseful, silly and unbelievable but funny thinks. Like this cows-money-box. We all get one. And my brother Cyril fits in their company totaly, donť you think?

Moje babička je mistrině v nakupování nepoužitelných, pitomých, neuvěřitelných ale vtipných pitominek. jako například tyhle krávy-kasičky. každý jsme dostali po jedné. A můj bratr Cyril do jejich společnosti báječně zapadl.

22 January, 2007


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On the evening walk thru with my mum we noticed large moon. It was like from some mysterious book about Prague. You know: Mysteries And Legends Of Prague, Hidden History Of Prague or The Town Where Kafka Lived. I really enjoy this shot.