22 December, 2008


this week was full of christmas parties.
the best one was yesterday.
my friends had early christmas eve.

christmas tree, duck (instead of fish), hot wine and presents.

14 December, 2008


as usualy life in theatre never stops
rehearsal after rehearsal
premiere after premiere

this photos are from our strange project: 13 thousand seconds
whole evening contains:
twelfth night by shakespear
three sisters by čechov
and waiting by that third guy

three hours of theatre and food (beacouse we will be selling sausages and beer in the first performence of shakespear)

i hope audiance will enjoy it

but it's quite difficult to stay till the end of the evening

12 December, 2008


i didn't post much in recent time
at least nothing valuable

maybe it's due my facebook addiction
and due my new decovery: soup.io
(it allows to post musical files very easeily but it not contains lables and tags...)

i think more and more about blogging in my own lenguage: in czech


what's the metter of blogging anyway...

winter is here, snowing, christmas around the corner... and it will all happen sooner than you expect... as every year...

i am looking forward the christmas week i spend with cup of hot tea and mum's candies. and good book i suppose. most likely about black holes and quantic univesrse.

08 December, 2008


very sad song about death
from twelfth night

taken on our rehearsal today