27 January, 2008


it's strange to walk on the street
and feel the wind blowing through your hair
and putting healthy colour to your cheeks at the end of january
and hear birds sings at the end of january
and see grass getting greener at the end of january

today i saw ::stranger than fiction:: and my writer obsession appeared again. i was thinking how difficult is to write a novel and i finished first book of my diary.

i was invited on concert tonight ::made by the fire::
i am in bad mood... thanks to silly think... rules of crapshooting...
due this depression is my presence on the concert uncertain...

but i'll go there anyway

i think

24 January, 2008

i was tagged

i was tagged by loraine some time ago. so here it comes:

i have very vivid dreams full of coloures and travelling
what makes my definetly excited is smell of men and good theatre performence
i can not save money. if i have them - i waste them
there are times when i hate washing myself. like today.
i don't like my lips that are bit too big and my small teeth that makes me lisp
i like my hands. hands are the most interesting and the most important part of body. according to hands i judge whole person.
i am addicted on music of any kind. in that moment i am listening to efterklang

ok. some taggs from me now:
- punch for lunch is the one who opened my way to our home - czech blogs
- ashley rose halvey is the one with who i strated virtual comunication first. thanks.
- shiny squirrel
have opend a world of fashion blogs to me
- creativeadoration was my inspiration and encouragement in hard times of my blogging.
- heartthrobs and villains and simpy olive i found in recent time and i am very interesting in their posts.
- at last the only one who appeared in my real world from world of blogs was ahasver

21 January, 2008


this weeks were hectic. last few days i've spend in mountains. on friday afternoon, we were sitting in a pub over the hill. behimd windows mist and soft rain and falling dusk inside beer and conversation about fairy tales and how to put them on the stage.

on the way home my child heart woke up after many months. i saw elfs and pilgrims with stone hearts and unheaded riders, phantoms and giants apearing from the mist. glowing eyes of large wolfs hiding in shadows and warm light of alone standing tavern.

and the fresh air riped my city lungz...

14 January, 2008


i was tagged by grijs. glad it happend...i allways thought it'll avoid me... but due to lack of time i'll write 7 things and tags maybe next week. till than good by!

11 January, 2008


photo and drawing from rehearsal of shakespear.

i am riven-minded in preparations of two performances. although sleeping eight hours per day, feel like was on week long party sleeping just two hours...

this is my first free morning... i just came through my google reader and all later jools hoolland shows on you tube
for example
cat power
or candie payne

07 January, 2008


as outside is white weather,
i recommend this photo from purple area post.

imagine large garden window with look on white fields
cup of morning coffe and cakes...
isn't that picture great.

but sadly, i am runing to school now
patient coffe next time


i started to be interested in simple prints. love it!

06 January, 2008


i woke up to snowed town. i am happy as child. finally!
meggie sand on her blog interesting photo inspiration connected with it. here.
oh, my god, if you should see it... growing blankets of snow covering cars and trees...

05 January, 2008


Meez 3D avatar avatars games

ok. i made some nice pictures while rehearsals, but i didn't make a single photo of them.

instead of working this morning, i played 2 hours with my meeze avatar. and though i don't like to show pictures of me on internet: it's pleasure for me to introduce you virtual czina.

in that moment i am passionately listening to the good the bad and the gueen ::hypem::

and maybe i am on edge to cause someone a heart break... oh my god, don't let my be so firm hearted!

03 January, 2008


actually i have no idea about writing to this post. this was the first day of new year. i have not cleared my mind for next year.

we'll see, what next days brings.

i have delay in drawing and i sewed just one dress during christmas. i feel slow and unusefull for anything. but i promise that tomorw there will be hanging some new...really good pictures of my day.

some inspiration:
crossed fingers


yes.that's me.

classical problem of the day:
one man is interested in me
and i am not sure if i am interested in him (60%).

no resolution yet
just confusion

photo via ffffound

01 January, 2008


this year was filled up with events, emotions, strange personal changes.

i've met many friends. some of them i've lost immediately, some of them i've never seen live.
i came through my first relationship and first brake up.
i found my way to god in very strange way, lost it and started to look for it again.
i didn't put on weight.
i changed my hair-cut 3 times.
i started 2 new blogs.
i started to see my way in professionla life... but it get blured immediately.

for most of these things i thank to you, who supported this blog.

so deep breath and happy new year!