01 January, 2008


this year was filled up with events, emotions, strange personal changes.

i've met many friends. some of them i've lost immediately, some of them i've never seen live.
i came through my first relationship and first brake up.
i found my way to god in very strange way, lost it and started to look for it again.
i didn't put on weight.
i changed my hair-cut 3 times.
i started 2 new blogs.
i started to see my way in professionla life... but it get blured immediately.

for most of these things i thank to you, who supported this blog.

so deep breath and happy new year!


mmhmm said...

May it be a wonderful year for you, darling. I miss ya.

Robin said...

Happy new year to you!
Best wishes for 2008.

Anonymous said...

happy 2008 czina!