31 August, 2007

image of the day

from ashley wood

i like that black lines. i am just working on the next part of my comics.i would like to have this hand.

tilly bloom

beautiful jawlery from tilly bloom. found on fabulist.

30 August, 2007

advertisement of the day

by simon ratigan

i like the soundtrack.
and i wish time would rain from the sky like that.

photo of the day

new theatre year beggins. and the rehearsals just started. we are trying to "reborn" 3years old performence about execution of milada horáková in times of communism. great performence it was and i hope it will be again.

most of the actors are from our national theatre, and the rest should be there. they are really good!

29 August, 2007

photo of the day

i have new bed cover and new cushion.

pleasure do school duty such as reading shakespear in bed like that.

song for today

song from czech band bratři orffové (the orff brothers) - na hadim ocase (on the snake tail).

full moon didn't let my sleep well tonight so i lay infront of the tv and watched this atmospheric video. all my days are this way sadly abbandoned in this time.

28 August, 2007

photo of the day

i went on walk and found these scissors lieing on the stone bench in park. i didn't touch them. i didn't want to disturb. thay looked like prepared and waiting for something, but i didn't find what.

mysterious ticking of harry potter

my mum just found it on youtube. there is more from potter puppet pals. the funniest potter parody i saw till this time. watch the naked dumbledore!

bothering snape is great also.

27 August, 2007


last week we watched it with my mother. she is great fun of russian movies and tarkovsy's especially.

this is scene, when my mum went to make coffe. and we even drink it.

the film is excelent. much better then the one with george clooney. and much rich than the book by stanislav lem.

dress of the day

from hel looks. i love her boots.

andrew bird - imitosis

this is my song for today.i like style of this video and i am starting to love andrew bird.

design of the day

one of my favorite czech designers: jakub berdych and maxim velčovský - qubus design.

25 August, 2007

video of the day

very funny design video from luke taylor. i found it on it's nice that.

don't you think your day sometimes looks like that?

song for today

goodbooks - the illness

my favorite at the time. found on dabaser.

actually i am just getting influenza and going to have hot cup of tea in bed and read some goodbooks.

exact song for today.

21 August, 2007

refreshing memories

so this is my moleskine picture from our holiday by the sea one month ago. and the next picture is from andrea fleischer.

i bet it's the same place.

the journey was brilliant! my memories on it are full of sun, salt air, murmur of sea and love...

19 August, 2007

my music addictions

one of the bands i am addicted to in that time - belle and sebastian! fabulous!

and other one: nouvelle vogue (this week haveing concert at prague!)

heating scetch

new picture from furry water. i like that style. i like that piece - lazy with the feeling of heating highway.

very good.

wedding flower

yesterday i was on wedding of my friends. when the bride was throwing the flower it unmistakably seted down in my hands.

so in year and a day...

my moleskine

i have my crises and this is the way i escape - or the way i am trying to escape.

my love, come back home to me.

09 August, 2007

depressive mood

i was in bit of depressive mood today. the only thing that cured me was dancing on björk and taking narcistic photos.

good way of spending late rainy afternoon...

more on my flickr account

dress of the day

i never have prada as my favorite one design, but this fall-winter collection is really interesting. watch the fur and the stockings, the colors and materials. and the advertisement!