29 September, 2007

my moleskine

photo of the day

that's how the weather looks like in prague for last 3 days. i am sitting at home, drawing, watching movies and fight with autumn depressions... music and drawing helps much.

27 September, 2007

song for today

it's cold, rainy autumn day and i am looking for some music fitting to this weather. last few days i listen just to "female vocals".

like my brightest diamond
st. vincent
candie payne
regina spector or björk.

this puppet video is from little dragon.

23 September, 2007

dress of the day

vivienne westwood fall

i love largeness and comfortabel look of it. i am looking forward day i will have time to sew again. i have several ideas in my mind. and

22 September, 2007

my moleskine

tonight i dreamed about concrete building where i and some of my friends
wanted to find place to sleep cause it was late night.

two alsatians didn't want to alow as to go upstairs barking
and when we get up, there was large gibbon living in the room.

very cheerful gibbon.

and another thing i recall is large video store.

and song. song that would be hit of the year,
if i should recall lyrics and melody.

strange dream. i don't realy know what to think about it.

19 September, 2007

image of the day


just take my wings and fly away.

yesterday i was dreaming about birds, about one red stork that flew up and changed in men with blood red wings.

just fly...

and stop missing my love.

photo of the day

reorganized all room to get in my new tabel. from now i don't have to sit in the kitchen when need to do some job or just want to draw.

but the mess around!

i throw away 3 bags of rubish.

17 September, 2007

photo of the day

autumn walk.
listening to candie payne, decemberists, björk, joanna newsom and belle and sebasten.
last days of hot weather.

my moleskine

my moleskine

i am trying to write songs. in emotion of this picture.

16 September, 2007

15 September, 2007

song for today

candie payne.
"by tomorrow" and "i wish could have love you more".

i've just found her on back to school. i love atmosphere of that song. it cures my.

14 September, 2007

photo of the day

i had birthday party yesterday. my friends made my concert. dancing, vine, cigarettes and chips.

22... magnificent age.


11 September, 2007

10 September, 2007

i just broke up with boy i love. on the top he was rude but inside very sad and hurt.
any offer of help is forbiden. he thinks he's ok.

damn life!

06 September, 2007

photo of the day

on the old prague castle is running 3 days long program for children inspirated by old prague legends. this photos are from somthing called bathouse and it's great fun to see children playing with all these strange massage instruments.

soundtrack of today

now here you have it...rain...
i was traveling up on the old prague castle and listening to sufjan stevans.
sadness and tears...believe me...

photo of the day

day in office. last sun. definetely. i swear...