22 April, 2009


yesterday we visited our grandma
she was so happy to see his grandchildern!

and i was also excited by the smell of the old concrete building she lives in.
the old carpet and plants she is keeping for like fourty years. and all the books around in old wrapping.

it was like time travelling.

15 April, 2009


draw notes form rehearsals


did you notice?
spring is here and with it came all these strange ambivalent feelings.
mostly mixed in the most unexpected way.

just like the moon on that sunny photo.

13 April, 2009


i am careing an idea of new coat in my mind for some time now.
yesterday i updated my personal pocket lookbook and started to work on it.
today i am supposed to finish it.
i am so excited.

you can see my original lookbook on style.com

10 April, 2009

06 April, 2009


another rehearsing is going to end this thursday.
and in some moments i feel exactly like this: