28 April, 2008


for this post i've chosen photo of my the most favorite pen. love the trace of it!

i just opened my flickr and found this photo from little birds.

recent time i was trying not to blog about camilla's work, cause everybody are bloging about her i think,
but that doesn't mean her work is not fabulous.
i just found this designed by her.
i think i have to have ones like these.

yesterday i found this pool on flickr
it has really interesting description and i still think of join this group.

finaly, i felt in love with this sofa.


on the weekend we were taking photos of my mums paper houses.
it will be postcards.
my ideas were finaly not used (pic. at the end). but i enjoyed playing with transparent aper. i thing i have to descover it's possibilities.

the one who had this idea nad made that photos is our family friend mario ponta.

27 April, 2008


i've get addicted on romantic movies this week.
i saw ::pride and prejudice:: three times, then ::you've got a mail:: and finaly ::could mountain::

also the ::pride and prejudice:: it was an inspiration for my new dress i will show in some of the next posts.

so after that week i just had to buy me a book of pride and prejudice i didm't have. but i think it's the best of jane austin stories. so ironical, but you always "shiver if elizabeth will put together with mr. darsey" as would meg ryan in ::you've got a mail:: sad.


another angel in my collection.
i am thinking a lot of guiding angels.
i think everyone has one.
each of them is different of the others.

choose who's yours!

25 April, 2008

my moleskine

last page of my old moleskine
as beckground i tried to summarize whole entire half year.
if it would be readable it is strange reading.

23 April, 2008


i was on cafe with loydd ::flickr::
he looked taller on his photo.

i made one of my favorite walks through riegr's gardens.
people walking dogs everywhere...

i took way through whole centre of prague and when i get near my metro station, i found out i am fancy for cinema.

i saw vantage point. at the and whole cinema was laughing.
it was in the moment dannis quaid sad: i have got mr. president, repeat, i've got president.
but i think we should be more affraid of this american patriotism instead of laughing to it...
truth say...
it was horrible movie about american fanatism.

yes and i have new shoes as you can see on the tom photo.
leather and very comfortable!


yesterday i've spended all day on comic web sites.
i've get smitten in drawing and that desire leaded in this copy of craig thompson.

i think i'll continue in that set of ::guide and protect:: angles.

some comic finds:

:: fabulous craig thompson's blog
:: old fashion comic feed. i felt in love with it.
:: that's unbelievable!
:: daily batman
:: almighty... great black an white comic
:: and the beloved art of mike mignola

more of my finds here


all happened well.
opening night of corpse burner was quite success.
we had some positive reviews.

and suddenly...only one who metters are the actors. and director as second...and me? dramaturgist?

no sign of interest... i am not usefull for this performence any more...

quite depressive. i am recovering while watching tv series, surfing on internet and drawing...

16 April, 2008


premiere is nearer and nearer.
we were setting lights yesterday and theatre is starting to apear.
more photos here

i am thinking what to wear on the premiere party... i was stunned by lena's mocuin dress..have to find out something "chic"

11 April, 2008


first flowers i saw this year.
prediction for next days is not good.
but today...

09 April, 2008

my moleskine

last week i saw there will be blood.
as usually i wanted to my moleskine movie inspired print looks different than it is, but this is how it ended...

good enough

07 April, 2008


Below Heavy Skies from Paul Joy on Vimeo.

new updates of my life:
i am ill
but have lots of work that i am snowed under
i am late with my spring swap...
although i've got a great idea about it

thanks to jess i found out beauty of vimeo
and also found this interesting page of comic

i am looking forward clear sky with running clouds.
i am looking forward enough free time to sew a new spring dress

oh yes... and look at this and this...
interesting pices of graphic design