26 August, 2008


i have friend on visit from paris and she don't know anyone in prague
so i have to be with her
i have to study for my baccalaureale exams
and help organise festival

that all in this week

my freind had sand me this
as respond to that explanation of
"how i am."

24 August, 2008


next parts of my year old theme.
it was supposed to be comics with soundtrack.
that was an idea of my ex-boyfriend
(actualy i am not sure he ever was my real boyfriend
mamory is strange phenomenon)

so now...
i think this comic will never has it's original music.

22 August, 2008

diary excersise

ahasver asked me to publish more clothing of my production and more scatches.
it's not that easy,
cause in recent time, i didn't have much time for both.

there is a short comics i made today.
it's one of my memories on the time of my early childhood.

i'll try to translate bubbles:

"dad, what is it?"
"it's school ring."
"when you are seven, you'll go there too"
"oh my...!"

21 August, 2008


i sewed new pants. finaly.
i planed it for month.

i gave up wirking for today
what's appearing to be silly thing right now
and made my best pants ever.

i was inspired esecially by grance doré's street fashion photos:
parisina style.

(waht happend to the grance dore btw?)

20 August, 2008

year 1968 in prague

"so long you were throwing sticks under our feed, till we pick up one!"

photos found thanks to ahasver


i just bought new shirt in philip russel summer sale.
i just love the print.

i also think of changing a aircut a bit.
no big changes.
just to rearrange my hair-line.
like this or this

strange repetition
when i was like 12 i have the same kind of haircut.
i hated it as far as i can remember.


i have to say that this video made me feel extatic.

th bees - listening man

13 August, 2008


someone asked me to explain what are these photos about.

our camp-play was based on encyklopedia:
every two days each group (there were 5 of them) drew a letter and tried to create encyclopedic entry.
that entry was supposed to have some connection to place where our camp was.
the entry should be presented in many differend ways.
sometimes we rehearsed theatre sketch, sometimes, we organised small exhibition of paintings in the forest...

this is from entry "tree".
it's work of the youngest group.
this tree was their climbing tree
they've put personal message for each one in the camp on it's branches.

our group came to read our messages in the sunset.
it was one of the best moments in last two weeks.

11 August, 2008

summer camp

summer camp with children.
art, drama and music.

camp in the middle of forest and sun.


back from summer camp.
in work again.

very pleasant work.