27 March, 2009


eddie izzard
i didn't know him and now i have to watch dressed to kill all the time along.
i've seen it 3 times round sence yesterday and i am astonished.

25 March, 2009


new performence having premiere in two weeks.
Three Months Of Holidays

it's inspired by british literature that consider thinks like
boys wracked on lonely island. and so...

i hope it will be great and sad a bit and ironic and all that stuff...

22 March, 2009


SKUTR had 5th aniversary
i reminded some of their work
and this is maybe my the most favorite

la pettit mort

18 March, 2009


motto of the day:


my comment for doot doot garden from this morning:

"thanks for shareing this.
i had the same problem last week.
i wasn’t able to draw it properly and when i did, i’ve get absolutly lost in all palettes and coloures…
and so i almost missed forms close in my magazine.

i just had to push it through. but it didn’t ended as well as i was hoping.

That Photoshop tip is good. thanks!"

and here's what it was about:

i am totaly unsatisfied!!!

15 March, 2009


just another scatches i made during last rehearsings

i've started to admire that
red ink colouring
combined with crayon surface under it.

13 March, 2009


i made some repairs on my favorite cashmire sweater. but it doesn't work. the holes apears all the time...

what can i do: old sweater!

and speaking about crafting, this is very inspiring.


i've bought new shelf-book for my drawings
now i finaly feel kind of professional

10 March, 2009


last performence of our class has premiere this friday.
and as i am not involved in rehearsals and i thing it is going to be great,
i suggested to make and bulletin and poster.

it was the first time i have worked with adobe illustrator and it was amazing.
i think its quite good job i made.