27 May, 2008

diary excersise 3

after opening night of stoppard's play on the razzle in our school theatre.
performence was quite classical, but very funny.
and party after that was also quite classical... drinking and dancing
but also very amuzing.

maybe you'll not believe me
but i never danced with 6 boys in one evening
so passionately...

i came home at 8 o'clock at the morning.
since that night i am thirsty...
for wine...

25 May, 2008


next from me and luka's game - stratched gorila and checkered skunk.

23 May, 2008


it's raining in recent time a lot.
and plants, trees and bushes are growing and as they soak the water
green is getting greener and greener...

i have trouble with working
when i want to write something (as i must write a lot for school)
i have to start with drawing...
and everything tooks me too much time.

as you can see part of my desk on that photo
i have to show you ::this blog ::
i found via craig atkinson from cafe royal.

interesting one.

i am still addicted on anime... last saw some epizodes of lian... incredible unbalieveable... strangest piece ever

20 May, 2008


last week i bought new self-filling brush for red ink
i made some pictures with it and it works well

in last week visits of my site lowed down for more than half.
it is sad that readers are leaving, but what...
the ones of you
who are interested in my work and all i do
are still with me
and to all of them goes my thanks
and wishes of all the best


another two pictures from our game
the first one is pisture of wierd hero by luka
the next one is excited orange by me

feel free to put your votes
from last two pictures still wins heavenly dolphin with... sadly... just two points.

18 May, 2008


me and luka started a game.
i give a task in form of adjective and noun and he draws it and give another task to me back.

we decided to vote whose picure is better.
there is place for your oppinion.

15 May, 2008

diary excersise 1

it's not good, i know it's not good and i am sure i know it better.
acctualy the left picture is not so bad.
but the middle one and the writing...
chm chm... i don't know

but it's part of my drawing excersise, so ... as beggining, not bad, hm?

by the way, i signed for that scholarship. today. no problem. haha


there is time to excersise my drawing skills more.

i dived into anime series watching.
my friend brought me some classical and known pieces like fullmetal alchimist or samuray champoo. but my the most favorite became blood+.

09 May, 2008


this is, what can make whole park full of people deffinetly happy
believe me
i bought this one yesterday
it was fun to watch the peoples faces lighting up
while running in to bubbles

thank's lorain for this blanket. it looks so comfortable.

and let me alow one question:
do you love pixel?



one of the most amusing walks in recen time happend to me on wednesday.
sun, wine and soda, michél and his master...

i started to think what it is like to have a dog...
i've been thinking of cat actually, but after meeting this jolyful creature...

some recommendation from my del.icio.us:
if you are reading national geographic, this can be useful

07 May, 2008


while we went back from my grandma i saw this horse in the middle of nowhere...
my brother named it ::depressive horse::
quite fitting.

i should say that sometimes i feel like this horse and that everyone does.
and it would be so pathetic!!!

06 May, 2008


yesterday i saw my favorite friends after two weeks.
what a happy moment!
had perfect dinner and play fr like half and hour with tereza's crystal.

went swim.
wore heals.
and couldn't wake up this morning.

but, surprisingly, my legs are absolutly allright and no sign of aching.

05 May, 2008



as sunday afternoon movie we saw sky captain and the world of tomorrow.
interesting movie in comic style.
simple story, rich images.
and judy law as sky captain.
just perfect way how to spend sunday afternoon.

so these images are based on polly parkins and sky captain.

oh my god how i love comic!

02 May, 2008


i just saw new peter zelenka's film karamazovi.

actors from one prague theatre comming to poland play karamazov's brothers in factory.
great movie
great pictures
great music

reminds me of marat/sade from peter brook.
but maybe these two films can not be confronted...


on wednesday i went swim.
on the bank of vltava there was bonfire and witches burning party.
200 people that have nothing in common surrounded fire and watch it burn.
just watch and eat soussages and drink beer.

strange think.
it was just simple fire...