23 May, 2008


it's raining in recent time a lot.
and plants, trees and bushes are growing and as they soak the water
green is getting greener and greener...

i have trouble with working
when i want to write something (as i must write a lot for school)
i have to start with drawing...
and everything tooks me too much time.

as you can see part of my desk on that photo
i have to show you ::this blog ::
i found via craig atkinson from cafe royal.

interesting one.

i am still addicted on anime... last saw some epizodes of lian... incredible unbalieveable... strangest piece ever

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Anonymous said...

Hello! I am writing not to comment on your blog , but I want to ask you about your photos. http://shotjournal.blogspot.com/2007/06/story-about-duck.html
I participated in these workshops but I've lost contact with people who took the pictures then. They've created a website but they added photos from only one of the performances. I have an email of only one person but he doesn't answer:-/. Do you have more than these three pictures?
my email adress: kszmi@o2.pl
ewa s from poland