30 April, 2007


I think that this don't need comment, let's say that I am not crying just so and if - it's at the ends of well made Hollywood Animation Tears Wringlers, but when I was watching this video of Feist (1234) I was nearly crying with happines - could sound coddled or shaky - but... this is the truth...

and finally ... Feist is so pretty! watch this! isn't she pretty? I wish I would have her hair and skin.

but enaugh whimpering!

The Klaxons - Gravity's Rainbow

I just saw this on TV! I like Golden Skans Video more, but this is also something! except the bleck eayed girl at the end - it gives me creeps!

and this is live production of this song on TV. I like live versions, they have...

29 April, 2007

flower blanket


now... very well...
today was not as warm as yesterday.. but also sunny and in the mood of just going out, read a book, listen to music or to songs of birds... I was at work actually. but on the way, in the park, near the river, I took this photo. it was sooo inviting...
actually, I don't know, why I didn't take the invitation...

28 April, 2007

whale and bomb

for one video seqence I made for our new performence I needed whales and explosions. there are two videos I found on the way. it's amazing, how the big nearly 20m long animal juump from the watter. and horryfiing, how the earth explodes from the great furnucle.

I am always lazy on saturday


It's saturday afternoon, sun shines, nearly 30 degrees of Celsia, we started watching Happy Feet - bigger stupidity I never saw (don't count Ant Bully that is even bigger).

I am thinking about going out earlier. thinking about leaving my work (that I didn't started yet to tell the truth). yes! I will do that.

spring, feist, and my heard

I am not feeling well last days. it's maybe cause all that cigarettes I smoked in last time. week ago I walked from work to school in fast steps my heard jumpt like wild horse and didn't want to stop. for two minutes I couldn't get breath.

night spring II.

It's maybe cause the cigarettes, long night pub sitting, warm spring air, and so on and on...

the one think that keeps me healthy is music. Mars Volta, Klaxons, Kasabian and Feist.

23 April, 2007

my new dress suits me very well

unexpected me

yes, I can't go out without it for hole two weekends. and thats very very very much considering I change my dress every day completly.

unexpected me

i love that kind of music videos

i jus find it on Peanut's Playground. and it cheered me up! although it's sad. i like it much much. it's The Tellers - Second Category

16 April, 2007

monty pythons live

I suggested there is a time for new Monty Pythons! their live shows have something... extraordinary and surprising. the most surprising is how it's similar to TV versions.

sufjan stevens wailing as an butterfly

I like Sufjan Stevens. and this version of Chicago is relly something. and this video is maybe more interesting than hole song. and ... although it's wailing-singer I like him.


the mars volta - tickle backbone

I descovered this. Very nice music this Mars Volta. I don't know anything about them. but I love this energic bomb hidden in it. something in the voice of singer makes my backbone tingle. (and evidently I begin rhyme from that). still... it's very interesting!

I listen to this in walk. the steps begin to have gravity!

but than I looked at video. O my god! I am not fun of this stile, but...it has something...

15 April, 2007

sewing sewing sewing

So this is something from proces of sewing my new dress. I made some faults, but I hope It will work at the end.





vivienne westwood

There is something that inspirated me in sewing my new dress.

I love Vivienne Westwood. She stays PUNK although she is the top. And maybe for that. It's great funn to read or see some here interwievs. Like that, watch the contrast between Westwood the reporter, Mrs. Westwood is evidently normal!

fashion addiction

My addiction no fashion has springed on. So I browsed on fashion sites right now beacouse I need help with dress I work on. I browsed Vogue, ELLE, Face Hunter, Satorialist,...

Here are the inspirations I found on I Love To Swirel:

...and from Mod To Modern:

I am aunt

Yesterday I was on feast. Františka is wonderful, pretty little girl just borne.

So it was great opportunity for litres of beer, cigarettes, noggins, meat, talking about art, theatre, dreams, homeless, traveling,...

The evening was warm and we sat on the garden of legendary pub in legendary part of town. At home I was took by director of homeless theatre - he called taxi.

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14 April, 2007

something really strange - pig elf?

Lets say - is this normal??? I am fascinated with absurdness of this!


I was yesterday on premiere in theatre. Keltes land - Reto Finger. Expresive performence, fantastic stage-design, the best after party with beer, wine and rocklett.

I danced and met Pepe and overeat with rocklett.

12 April, 2007

i feel so ...


All my friends are cheerfull. Except me. None cares.
Sorry for that.
I feel so lonely among others.

11 April, 2007

my new blog

I had to get crazy! I found myself new blog: Czina Theatre Journal. It's in czech and fils the great hole I feel in blogs I hope. I am trying and trying, but cant find blog about theatre. And though it's something that I am interested of, cause I study it, I found it on Word Press.

It's nice but more profiessional. So I can learn something new about makeing blog and websites. I hope.

10 April, 2007

next experiment - another blogging sites

So Quanama works - good news!

Now I am browsing through other blogging sites to find how they work and what are their positives.

I came through TypePad - very nice , but free account is just 30 days trial and full account is paid.

Then Vox and LiveJournal - they are similar in using - easy to share with your friends, finding neighbours, sharing photos and videos, easy contact with Flickr... So you really don't make your own site, but you lock in web of another users. This is what I didn't look for.

Then Real Life - seems rather young and looks to me that it tries to simulate Blogger. But in that way Blogger wins for me.

I am going to explore WordPress and it starts to be very interesting!!

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09 April, 2007

Quamana - my new web experiment (hughagahahahahuhau - diabolical laugh)

This is the second time I am trying to use this blog editor. First time it didn't work. Now I hope for success. It would give me more opportunities and options.

So, lets try! 

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07 April, 2007


Look at this. I saw it on TV. Amazing sport! Unbelievable! I do not sport but looking at this one will think doing something with his bodey.

Inventory7 - feather quilt

, originally uploaded by czinashotjournal.

It's time for inventory again.

I was ill for a week now. Truble.
It was beacouse of one ... ehm... better not to speak about. Besides the illness was growing up in me for some time.
Now I suppose to by healthy for lets say next 3 months?

So this is shot of one of my greatest friends in last time: My Lovely Feather Quilt!

05 April, 2007

Die Grosse Stille

I saw that last night before I get sleep. I never saw so much tranquility, silence, peace, and truth let's say - God, in one film. Excelent. Much Much Much Much better than Prada.

04 April, 2007

Devil Wears Prada

I am ill. Yesterdy after lunch my mum went to borow a video. At first we thought of Happy Feet, but then she came with The Devil Wears Prada. Excelent. Reminds me a bit the movie Devil's Advocate. Although it isn't so............devilish. And Meryl Streep is peerles!