30 November, 2007


scatches from todays rehearsal. narcius duke orsino, sir tobias and sir andrew two drunks and our profesor of dramaturgy mrs šavlíková.

it was great afternoon with shakespear and we had lots of fun. it's great to look at shakespear in another - non-cliche, extraordinary way.

29 November, 2007


i am reading jimmy corrigan the smartest kid on earth. it's sooo sad and funny and alltogrther... i love graphic of it.


first reading of shakespear's twelfth night. i am looking forward rehearsing, i thing we've descovered beauty of this so called commydy and that it will be not so much commedy in our production than dark black tragy-commedy about madness...

it will be great, you bet!

28 November, 2007

photo of the day

managers are filing requests for grants. last minute as usual. funny time of the year when every manager you meet has the same face of dispair... but sadly our theatre production highly depends on it...

image of the day

i am taking singing lessons. great thing...

all your body is filled up with air and when doing it right you feel absolutly empty inside, you are like bell ringing...and your viscera hurts you after...

better then any sport i ever tried (and sadly that's not much)...

this is song i am working on, bet you know it:

25 November, 2007

photo of the day

we have been at our professor's place. we had tea and caffeand we analized shakespear's twelfth night.

stunning play where everyone pretend to be something he is not, where everyone wears a mask of love, sadness, insobriety, seriousness, where the greatest power is sibling love of the twins, everything is turned upsidedown and nothing is what it seems to be...

i am looking forward rehearsing!

:: up you can see picture of one of our main czech translators, martin hilský and next sitting is clown who is not exactly the clown but more fool in the play, hung-up fool ::

::what just made me laugh

24 November, 2007

photo of the day

tereza went to buy some costumes and came back from vintage shop with these retro dresses. unbelievably cheap and just extremly perfect, talking about print.

we had a beautifull evening. she worked and i read her from book: diary by palahnuik. listening to jazz. and than

i have meeting with my friend in tearoom. the evening was so good that it can't be destroyed by fact that it was closed.

and so we drunk hot wine in jericho cafe. and when i came home i have beautiful chat with justin.

what a delightfully fulfilling day!

22 November, 2007

my moleskine

i've finished it in a break. finally.

photo of the day

it's toilet photo week, i think. these photos are from ahasver and irina. thay apeard on my flickr on one site at once. strange...

my days are filled with tiredness, sleeping till eleven and than try to make myself to work... the only thing encourages me is, that it'll be better one time... truth say, that's feed of our lives at all... at least i think so...

19 November, 2007

my moleskine

finaly a make mi self to do new moleskine picture. it's not finished yet, the direct inspiration was our sunday watching of ::spirited away:: one of the best animated films ever!

event of the day

we had ladies party. go on short film festival, have a beer and wine in theatre bar, having biscuits and tea at home, dying and cuting hair...some photos are from home of my friend i've spent this night. get her cushion wet cause of my brand dyed hair (i am darker now - the best look for winter).

i have really strange experiences with guys in last time... but i don't want to write about it here cause ::thay may be listening...::

sad time for world where woman become a man, man is man no more and what it is, none knows...

- craig thompson has released new post. if you want to know something about love, i recommend, among others, his blankets.

17 November, 2007

video of the day

this is short video from rehearsal of our school band called "císařovy nové šarty". the name is a pun, but hard to explane in english as well as in czech.

i love their sound. rough but energic... on the next concert i'll be in choral. i am looking forward!!!

16 November, 2007

item of the day

my threadless prize came yesterday noon. it's a bit to tight around neck, if i should say truth, but otherwise perfect!

photo of the day

i couldn't stand it. i took the photo of it! you can see the soft flickering of snow falling on the school yard.

15 November, 2007

event of the day

OH MY GOD! i am sitting in PC class at school. and outside, on the school yard, it is snowing and in the same time sun shine and i listen to sufjan stevans chicago... i am not able to take photo of this. and maybe i dont want to anyway. its too much beautiful.

these are the moments that putted together make pattern of your life... i am stunned, amazed, i fell i explode!

...if you kow what i mean!

14 November, 2007

human being for today

this is one of my best friends in the moment ::and hopefully for ever:: tereza. she helps me in many ways ... especially in the main theme of my current life...and guess what it is...yes, you're right: men!

today it was strange day. everything was melted or turned upsidedown. time went in queer ways and thoughts and ideas also. but for tereza and our chinese soup party that put a meaning to our evening, i don't know how it could fell out.

this photo is from rehearsal of christmas tale called "damn child". and it's surprisingly story abou baby jesus. some more photos here.

13 November, 2007

photo of the day

yesterday i was walking all day in fabric shoes. thay get totaly wet, so i am drinking hot tea and vitamin c, working on texts to school, listening to kings of convenience ::or on hypem:: that petra reminded me.

also listening to:

- alaska in winter on myspace.
- beirut official site ::or here::
- rufus wainwright official site ::or here::
- bonobo official site ::or here::

...and outside my window it snows...i didn't see snow in november for ages...and i wanted to take my heel shoes...maybe i'll do it anyway...

12 November, 2007

photo of the day

yesterday it was st. martin "who ride the white horse". at the morning i woke up and it was snowing. it seems it was ages last time it snow on st.martin's day.

and at the afternoon came real autumn storm.

and i drank tea and have a chat with my on-line friend.

- little birds new autumn photos - amazing!
- and here you can see first prague snow on ahasver shot
- and motmartre's sketchbook speaks about my autumn addiction: hot chocolate!

11 November, 2007

photo of the day

... days starts to be shorter, darker, damp and cold and i sart to feel my brain freeze up. everything in recent time is about how to dress up warm and decide whether to have hot tea with milk or hot wine. quite amazing time.

only one thing that i miss is date in cinema.
something about hot tea from irina here

and something about warm, autumn clothing here:
- dress of the day by style bites
- tom scott via montmartre's sketchbook
-sweater from new issue of fashion 156
- sweater by charcoal and jacket by gr.dano

09 November, 2007

photo of the day

we just came back from tour with our performence. along the way there was soft blanket of early snow.

i am sad and i think about traveling we thought to do with my ex-boyfriend...what a strange word... i would better took all my money, buy a dog, buy a train ticket to rostock, order a room in one of these small hostels and just to live on the north sea beach... oh my god i am missing it...

on my the way in train i was listening to this...i felt in love with that song!

04 November, 2007

image of the day

francesca recalled me one child book i have at home. sebastian and red baloon, maybe you konw it.

here :: 1, 2, 3, 4:: you can also watch the film.

it's so sad!

02 November, 2007

item of the day

my friend brought this puppet head from japanese tample. it belonged to dead person and it was supposed to be burned, cause the spirit of dead man lives in it. he sad that the first night the puppet was with him in one room was really ... extraordinary... but the next day he took it to the tample to get the "magic away".

the tradition of japanese puppets says that thay are dangerous and in the night gets alive. so thay have to be carefully treated. it's really believeable when you look at it...really!

event of the day

my friends just came beck from Japan, where thay played theatre. so thay made japanese party with sushi and everything that comes with it. great evening!

more photos