22 June, 2010


learning to take photo the old way. using fujifilm and nicon camera.

i felt in love with this old fashion photo taking.
although it's not exactly cheap,
i can't get enough of it.

18 June, 2010

animated joy

well why not to try this.
it can't be difficult.
i sad to myself today.

well and it isn't. all you need is this:

the paper has to by tin and you can work with tracer, to make lines clear and white acctualy white.
be exact and you can make your own gif animation very easely.

i made the The Walking, The Smile (that i can't load on the blog for some reason...), but best of all was this abstract piece of Something.

15 June, 2010

smell of the woods

still experimenting with painting.
painter collection of booooooom is my big inspiration.

my attempt is to catch the nature of forest as i see it.
this is how i tried to paind image that jumped into my head while came for walk in woods and smelled the beauty of morning misty heat around. not a perfect try, but a way for sure.

09 June, 2010


I am prepareing performance for Vilnius's Theatre Lele.
The best way to think is to draw.

This is very bad photo of one of my draw-thoughs. Circus in doomed land. Postapocalptic surface of Earth destroied by some unknown desaster and little tent of fun and loughter sitting in it. Good starting point of rehearsing, I think.

Let's see what other images and thinking brings out.

01 June, 2010

the trip

I spend whole day recently drawing...
getting back on the horse.

I love dynamics of the draw line,
and soft energy of wotercolors... especialy the green ones...

I am back... and I'll draw and paint as devil!