26 February, 2007

Little Bit Of Poetism At The Morning

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I am repeationg, but I realy feel spring comming. I am waiting for it, looking forward... The day born in gray today. So I wait for sunn for another day. But I believe that it will come!

Oh, litle bit of poetism at the morning.

24 February, 2007


stairs, originally uploaded by Czina.

Last days I am hungry for walks. Colerfull dreams stoped after full moon and I miss them. Trees are in spring and yesterdy was sunny day - excelent for walk. Feeling of coming spring is depressing! I need a man!

This photo were scored in Flickr just 15/30. I don't know why. I like this photo. It's from my Friday walk through Prague. I like the colourfullness of the skirt and grayness of stairs, focusing on stairs and unsharped moving skirt.

22 February, 2007

Tom Stoppard's Rock'N'Roll In Prague

Tom Stoppard wrote new play! Oh, yes! Awarded 3 times (if I remember well). Excelent mastrpiece about freedom, mind, heard and love. It takes a place in Cambridge and in Prague and ... blablabla.

Lets leave these boring facts.

I was on last run-through in Prague's National Theatre and at the beggining there is small concert of band that is main subject in the play - The Plastic People Of The Universe - old underground rock band that switched the resistenc towards regime. It's excelent!

But regrettably the scenography and conception is to much resambling to the London inscenation.

(upper photo is from Czech inscenation at the NT - cast Alojs Švehlík and David Prachař, the lower one is from inscenation at the Royal Court Theatre - cast Brian Cox and Rufus Sewell, the last photo is from beggining of Prague inscenation - concert of The Plastic People Of The Universe)

Chees Lunch On Filthy Table (romantic picture)

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My latest photo from yesterday. I'm making my lunch at school - toast - bread with cheese.

"I want to buy some cheeeeeeeese!"

21 February, 2007

Meeting Photographer In Between The Tonic And Juice

I was sitting in Cafe Beautiful Losses, and I found in their librari portfolio of czech and slovenien photogrphers. This is photo of Michaela Brachtinova, who impressed me the most. She is taking photos of details of women's body in combination with fur, drops of watter,... It's keyhole and soft. I felt in love with it.

19 February, 2007

Spot Of My Own Situation (a man & a woman 2 - apart)

I found that photo in my contacts on Flickr.

Last night I went out with my friends after long illness. And on my way home I felt so alone I had to call the One-I-Sad-I-Will-Never-Call-Again.

That's life and That's me.

Anyway, that photo is realy great.

18 February, 2007

Morning Sun For Breakfast

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I love, when the sun shines in kitchen at the morning. It's my favorite part of the day: I am happy to by born again after rough death in the night.

Lonely mornings are perfect, but when my mum is at home and prepears my a breakfast, there is nothing better!

Strange Dreaming

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Last days I have strange dreams. Almost every day I dream "full coloured dream with special efects". It's like to be in Matrix. I can't recognize the dream and reality. Somtimes I want to stay in dream and sometimes not to fall asleep.
And every time I lie in my bed, it's like the print of the dream have rested on my pilow and imidietly before I fall in sleep the dream from last night project in my mind.


15 February, 2007

Dan Bárta's "Živý" and my strange dreams

One of my favorites czech musicians and music videos at all! Enjoy!

These days I have dreams remaining me this kind of music videos. Dreams where weather is changing strangely and stairs don't leads at the top but twirl in absurd ways... And this all is so real!

13 February, 2007

Inventory 6 - IKEA Clock Style

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I love everything from IKEA. Sombo say, thet it's pure comercial... But remember of Henry Ford! Cheap cars for anybody! Cheap design for everyone!
This clocks are from carton. Simple and fuction.

10 February, 2007

inventory 5 - Jawlery

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This one I love especially. It's christmas gift from my friends. I like this crystal jawlery. Someone sad me it expres my personality. Could be. what I know...

inventory 4 - Jawlery

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This is Christmas present from my grandma. I think it's historical one. I would say, from beginning os 20th century. maybe.

09 February, 2007

Finnish Wallpaper Design

I was looking for some nice wallpaper pattern and I found this Finnish company called Funkis. I love Scandinavian design!

07 February, 2007

Inventory 3 - Cloathing

Mainly lieing on the ground.
But that doesn't mean I don like my cloths! I love it!
Get well dressed is one of the most importent things to do at the begginig of the day!

Rdiohead - Just

I never saw this video, although I know this song very well. Enjoy it as I do.

06 February, 2007

Great Callesen's Performence

This is an excelent performation. The man sitting in the chair sad his wish and Peter Callesen (hidden on the tower above, hearing it through baby-alarm) made the dream come through and threw it in a white box down to the wisher.

Inventory 2 - Rowan

Rowan, originally uploaded by czinashotjournal.

Something inspirated by Japaniese culture. My friend died just exactly month ago and I made about 10 rowans in memory of him. Thay are hanging on string above my bed.

05 February, 2007

Audrey Kawasaki At Work

This is photo of Audry Kawawsaki working and shot of somthing from her work. She paints on great wooden boards. Interesting work.

Inventory 1 - Wardrobe

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I decided to make an Inventory of the planty of things in my room. When I stept into my room with camera in hands I saw it will be long list.
This is part of my wardrobe, the part that belongs to me, The other site is of my sister Veronika.
On the left you can see reflection of the mess in my room, in the middle are my clothing and at the right hand hanging drawer from IKEA.
It takes time and lot of energy keep this in order.

Flower Power

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I tried to made this inspirated by the lovely little thinks from Etsy. It's a broch and it's a birthday gift for one of my best friends - Tereza. And I made some birds also. I think it's pretty good, isn't it?

04 February, 2007

Peter Callesen Flower Die Back

Message Boxes from Egg Press

One of the items on Egg Press are these nice and practical message boxes. I wonder about making my own one. I am in creative mood today!

February Competition On Whip Up

WhipUp announced Recycled Craft competition from1. Feb. to 18.Feb. So if you are enjoying recycling get information on WhipUp

Your handcraft mus utilise 90% of recycled material. So enjoy it!

What An Inspiration!

I found link on this little things on Nest Egg Blog. They are from the shop at Etsy. And I felt in love with them! I wonder what kind of textile thay use and how exactly thay do this. I want to be skilful the same!

From The Blow Up Magazine

This are photos from the BlowUp Magazine. I like their photo archives. It's fashion, but not just fashion. Every picture you can enjoy as piece of art. Good magazine.

03 February, 2007

Water Portrait

Very nice portrait from "Mon Cabinet De Curiosités". I'd like to work with aquarelles like that!

Eduardo Recife's and Anahata Katkin's Collage

This are collages of Eduardo Recife and Anahata Katkin. Thay has some realy nice pics.
This is one of thinks I allways wanted to know - how to make collage in hands and don't get dirty by glue or make it on PC, effectively, quickly and usefuly. There are many thinks in world I can learn...

Walk In Central Park

It always makes me funn. The name of our park: Central Park. The NY's Central comes to my mind every time I walk there. Although I never was in NY or in US at all.

Today I walked there after long time. Listening to Kings Of Convenience and smoking. Clouds were changing coloures and sun was glittering on the lake and reflectioning windows of concrete buildings arround the valley.

After long time I have feeling I can match with the flight of clouds. I was happy today again.

Enjoy this amazing video of Kings Of Convenience - Cayman Islands.

This Song Reminds Me Of Sunny Sky

This song reminds me of sun, witch is not shining. But, maybe, above the concrete buildings I can see hole in the sky. I can't describe the color of light that shed the sun, hidden up in the clouds. Lines of blue sky... gray near the wet ground... Now! Now it glint, and it's off again. This day will be full of surprises! I'm looking forward the cigarette in the park!

02 February, 2007

Added Links

I've added links to some of my favorite artists (although it's not complete list, I dare you) and some design and fashion blogs. So that list of my interests is going to be complete.

01 February, 2007

Two HeardTaking Remakes

Now this is really something heard-braking! I can't deside if it's just moving or kitsch. But that realy makes you cry with mercy.