26 April, 2010

diary excersise

As the spring blooms, my mind is occupated with ideas and desires, as every spring and every autumn. The point is to gain from it as much as possible. There is school of course and other duties. But I am trying to find piece of time how to expand into other fields of life and make possible everything what's on my mind.

Like this: I've come back to my draw journal, as I did it on high school. Back than I was more quick and prompt in catching scenes of my life, but I hope I'll get back to my perfectnes and add some experiences I gained sence then.

file of my previous draw journals form 4-5 years back

drawings from last week

from trip with my boyfriend - amazing sunny day

Next step is to actually paint an image. Of that I am talking about like half a year. I've prepared the background already, but I need at least a day off to really got into this.

Wish me luck.

it just waits to be painted

04 April, 2010


"i don't want to do anything today" "it's the same every day"

i didn't make myself to draw in last few weeks. i make myself every day to go back to my comic but i don't have any pation to work and i lack the needed peace. but yesterday i took a pen and brush in my hand finaly. after half an hour i've run to take picture of what i did. and so it ended just with these three figures.

sadly i don't have better camera to picture them in their real beauty.

03 April, 2010

mysterious look

i drew this some weeks back. it proofs i don't practise enough, otherwise i would be able to catch this mysteriously surprised look on this mans face.