12 November, 2010


this is one type of therapy i found out.
my anxieties will not disapear, but at least i can invite them to join my creative process.
and we are spending nice days. me and my anxiety of death.

i hope our relationship will get better and better. i don't want to die some day and find myself in bad relations with pale rider.

09 November, 2010


these are just rendom pictures from lithuania.
hill of crosses is great thing and it's worth to see.
as well as klaipéda and kuršiu nerjia and the sea of course, which was great deal to me as czech who did see sea just twice in her lifetime.

fast run

lithunaia is flat wild and beautiful country. and the clouds runs there so fast.
this animation reflects just five minuts on one of the vilnius's cemetery.

04 November, 2010

Kuršiu nerija

as i am in vilnius for my internship it was necessary to vsit sea. and especialy Kuršiu nerija. that special and amazing place.

there are some pictures from my "picture-slide show" of the actual trip.