31 May, 2007

dress of the day

dress of audrey hepburn sold for $192,000 yesterday.

the changing day

the rehearsing in la fabrika is getting worse and worse.
next monday wil come australians to cooperate with us on this project. we are all affraid what will happen.

this shot could be great expresion of my psychical mood at todays morning. at the afternoon we went with my friend - stage designer - for a walk. bought chocolate and juice and wine and cigarettes and had a great relaxing afternoon on the yard of small cinema bar. and suddenly the day looked like this:


found piece of art that reminds me of my dreams in last days.
found on somfield.

30 May, 2007

my obsession


i admire clouds!!!



yesterday i was in bad mood. so i went to cinema. i don't think it

was good idea now.

but i did it. i saw number 23. jim carrey, drama, obsession and 23.

i was dissapointed whit the end. but doesn't metter.

the important thing is: NUMBER OF LETTERS IN MY NAME IS - 23!

...oh my god...

29 May, 2007

sufjan stevens on the roof

i like that. totaly express what mood I am in.



tears pools in my eyes.

tired and ready to boast somthing uggly to someones face.

this is from la blogotheque. trés sympa blog de musique.

28 May, 2007

dress of the day

find on shiny squirrel - fabulous fashion blog!!

the once

i am looking forward that film. fabulist says it's fabulous. and markéta irglová is from here!!!

will be great.

arka noego

my mum sad it's great. and i looked at it and.. now i don't know exactly what to thing about it.

this is band from poland. parents - rock musicians - of that children converted to christianity and started to make music about belief. and as you see their children sing it.

in this song thay sing somthing about not to be affraid of bad things, bad moods, ghosts and monsters, cause i am with you. i don't thing the lyrics is so bad. on contrary: i thing it has its qality. but the way...

what do you thing about it?

workshop in la fabrika


last week we started workshop in la fabrica - old factory that is now rebuilding for alternative theatre space. all it will be performed on prague qadrienale 07. the theme is phoenix. here are some shots how it goes.

we work with someting we call watter-wall. it makes wall of watter. you can go through, it reflect back projection and of course it makes great sound.

till now we had lot of fun with this. color lights, different kinds of materials, music and movement... just fun. tomorow we are going to organise that all to one funcional performence. wow - the real work will start there.


27 May, 2007

OK then GO

yesterday i saw another video of OK GO. and i was amazed again. their music don't say me anything. it's ... let's say flat. but their videos!!!! amuzing!!!

and there is interesting video OK GO dancing on the back yard. thay look so funny and... my mum says like "officelrs from cleaning room". dancing officelrs from cleaning room.their dance is like... not parody... but truly meaned preformence of separeted movements.

i love them.

26 May, 2007

macro finds

interesting macros find on FILEmagazine by daniel munteau.

i hope one day i'll buy myself camera that knows this!

dress of the day

diane von furstenberg

excelent one.


now this is interesting. i find this band on Debaser and when i found this video on youtube i realized i new them. by the way this video is perfect!

so let my introduce you Psapp. the soft electronic band with perfect animated music videos.

just one wine


this is shot from kultibar at "4+4 days in move". this year focused on vietnamese imigrants and culture. i wanted to go there yesterday. but i stay at home at the end gazing on some heart-taking film with my loved russel crow and meg ryan (proof of life).

tears and that stuff...

so the only thing i came through on this festival is one clared-cup two days ago. for what i wated almost 15min.


25 May, 2007

clouds and heaven by C. S. Lewis

i just read through C.S. Lewis The Great Devorce. it's story about heaven. about death. about hope.

i confess. i have fear of dying. but it's like fear of wandering alone in night city. you don't know what wait around the corner.

this book gave my courage. and happy feeling from childhood: when i look at the sky, the clouds, i think of heaven. of paradise. and gorgeaus happy illumination feeling fills me up.

i recomment that book. really.


middle-age? now?

this is one of the large amount of pseudo-middle-age singers. but i like her style. Loreen McKennitt. made music for The Mists Of Avalon and this is video to some PC game. that suites the most.

one student of stage design in my class is obsessed with this pseudo-middle-age things. she wears middle-age dresses and boots for some occasions put on her ears special elven rubber ears.

i don't need to say we make funn of her. but she has at least some style...

24 May, 2007


i was looking for some good videos cause we are working with projections on the stage-design-workshop. i found this blooming amaryllis.


and if you want anything mor classical, turn volume left and listen to this instead:

23 May, 2007

good moods


all ended well yesterday. and days are more and more bautiful. i am running to work - today is a concert in theater. don't know what, but hope it will be interesting.

my head is acheing, but i am in very good mood. hope it will last. till tomorow at least.

22 May, 2007

two cats

night springs I.

yesterday when i was comming back home two cats run accros my way. one was black with white back stockings. the other was tyger and looked like my.

i had to be courageous and don't think of black cats. cause i am going to bank. not to do robbery. but maybe...

i don't like officials and speaking to them. i don't like my faults. i don't like my faults with money. i don't like to solve them.

deep breath and dive into sea of bureaucracy.

(and don't think of black cats)

20 May, 2007

beirut for cheering

my file hosting page don't work well saying error all the time. for cheering up here is the video of beirut: elephant gun

sun outside is shining. i am affraid i will go out with some good book of poetry. oh how i'm lazy last few days!


now, when the audioplayer works, i want to introduce you "band" of my friends. married couple bára and honza kratochvílovi. they call themselfs dva (what means two).

i love their music.

bára plays sxophone and clarinet and honza guitar, electronic boxes and his mouth (beatbox). and both sings. their concerts are always maximaly visual as much as funny.

here is song for what i'm making video now. its too much work, but i hope it will be funny and entertaining at the end.

03 Pingu Hop.mp3


and here is some others.

01 Három Kérom.mp3

09 Nunovó Tangó.mp3

18 May, 2007


yesrerday i finally saw Cabaret with Thom York and Liza Minelli. that was really something. so here is the best known bit of it.

only thing i am affraid of is that my english is as perfect as Fritz's english. and if: what then with it?

potipoti and anti-factory inspiration

here are some new inspiration from anti-factory. i stil think of the new dress from the fabric fith playing children. the only thig i know is: i want it to be a dress and i want to have buttons on it.

or what about this dress inspiration from potipoti

mi moleskine

on We Love Crafts Magazine i found pages mi moleskine whre artists work on their moleskins to make them small oject of art and not just ordinary notebook. one of them is this interesting artist - Irina Troiskaya.

I don't have moleskine, but I work in nowadays on something funny similar - program of Institut Francaise in Prague, cause they make it as small book that trepan into crafting and artistical work.

17 May, 2007



I give myself a resolution: do not stay out of home till late night. this picture was taken at 4 o'clock at morning. and it's luck that it's sharp cause deal of alcohol in my blood wasn't realy small.

the second thing is: my new stockings soked with rain water. bad luck!


can anyone help me?

I work on puting mini flash music player to my posts and I am looking for good free file hosting. I can't find anything. do anyone know ... ?

16 May, 2007

more step dance

they told us that Fred Astair is more philosofical dancer in contrary of Gene Kelly that is more spontaneous or phisical. O.K. I don't judge it cause my oppinion is that generally men should be steping and dancing more. don't you find it sooo sexy?! watch the wave of his body (and look at the Gene Kelly and Donald O'Connor and their waveing: wow!). Isn't it just simply SEXY!


I wanted to put there something realy different (some Pythons), but this caught my eye. it's Emili Loizeau and that's the only think I know about her except the songs name is Je Suis Jalouse.



I read a lot last few weeks. maybe it's running from reality. yes... it could be. but this is theatrological study?! so what does this mean?? hm...

14 May, 2007

sew pasion

now (after the great theatre fiasco)I will have bit of time for sewing. I have very funny fabric at home and this is picture of what I want to made from it.

on my God how I want to look well, how I want to sew and make myself look pretty, comfortable and fashionable dressed!



end play


yesterday all ended. our rehearsig went nowhere and everybody saw it. we stoped, scratch opening night and went for the drink.

it was hard, it was grave, but we are all glad for it...



13 May, 2007

good morning

I wish good morning to all world.it's sunday and I am on way to school.well done every sunday cannot be sunny free sunday.

we will rehears till 3 o'clock in night and I am deffenetly death cause I went asleep at 2 o'clock today. well, there will be enaugh tiredness after tuesday (I hope).

but for better awakeing my the best-loved song from "singing in the rain":

good morning

12 May, 2007

opening night

my friends were yesterday playing after opening night of Čardym by Nina Sadur. we danced all night long. all my body hurts me now and I am death tired. but satisfied.

dancing is the best way restart your energy.






I will introduce you: this is Bianca Ryan - Amrican Talent. I didn't know her till my profesor told me she exist. my only question is what will happen with her after this amazing succes.

what say more!!! melt with me!!!

she is 12 years old!!!

and compare to that:

and after that listen to what she has on her official site. bad bad bad...

10 May, 2007

"make them laugh"

and in these hard times one needs something that "make him laugh".

one of my favorite scenes from Singing In The Rain

and than the death-laugh from my child favorite movie: Mary Poppins

you know, I didn't see it for years. today I found it on YouTube and at the time everything started to comming back. even the tears when Mary Poppins went out and dad came to fly the kity... wow...!!

09 May, 2007


I am totaly tired. can't speak, can't think, can't write, can't anything.

another round of rehearsing. "opening night" (if I can use that big word) is next Tuestay and we started from beginning yesterday.

maybe I was never sou exhousted. maybe it's cause our director. maybe I just can't save my energy.

cafe and start!!!


06 May, 2007


our mursh mellow bloom. in fact bloomed. yesterday. today just empty nymph lie on the carpet.

it's allways so sad, when it bloom. cause you know it's only for one day. and maybe for that reason is it so beautiful.



05 May, 2007


we decided to make a trip on the bookworld that is held in Prague. my mother and I. and unfortunately - my dad came too. it's small miracle, because he is always tired from work and the only think he is able to do at the weekend is lieing in front of the TV.


Wilbour Smith was sgning his books. and we bought our favorite comics book - just 4 seconds for life.


than we had a walk through park, refreshed by sausage in the kiosk parents know from times of deep dark comunism. Sun was not shining, but flowers grew and we were tired with legs acheing but happy and contented. I love my parents although... well you know...






03 May, 2007

inventory - shoes

money I get for comics I spended largely wasted, let's say fritterd away. all ended yesterday, when I bought me a new shoes. Very nice, very cheap (considering it's all leather DIESEL). but then I looked at my ban kaccount and saw I spended half a money I for a month. "and they should be there till September!!!!!" So I stopped with that fantastic shoes and start ascetic life.




and I started with LARGE breakfast!!!