25 June, 2008


today we was taking photos for our tableau
in style of human freaks.

strange, but funny.

i am curious about the result.

23 June, 2008


video from our trip to polička.
we slept in playschool and we all get back
in time and memories
to that years
we didn't care for anything

just to have fun.

17 June, 2008


two really amazing parformences i saw in recent week.
::small death:: by ::skutr::
dance performence about the small intimate moment
when woman meet man
and whole universe blow up
and nothing elese exists
just them two.

and ::euroeans:: in NoD
it's called performence about the doom of european civilization.
performence based on play with words
reflecting contemporary political issues.

i will repeat my visit on both performences as soon as possible...

at the end: look at this photo doesn't it resambles you something?

15 June, 2008


i desperatly needed skirt with pockets.
it surprised me how fast it was to make it.
just 2h of work.

as you maybe noticed, flickr group still is still running.
many thanks to uniform studio
- one of my the most favorite fashion designers -
for set it up.

10 June, 2008


last week i was on vernissage of half a year works of students from ::academy of arts, architecture and design in prague::

it was interesting, but i have to admit
that in recent years
i understand what's going on in these ateliers less and less.

design and art... chm...
i hold an oppinion, that art cannot be good and understandable
and beautiful
when it is not useful.

and these school works:
"do whatever you want on the theme
how it can be understandable
when the only one who see purpouse of it
is just author himself

photos are by my friend from last.fm
and it was real fun to go through this with him and his artistic taste.

07 June, 2008


last few weeks was just serie of drinked through night.
this is picture form yesterday.
almost 5 o'clock at the morning.
that's where and when i decided to reorganize my life.
and be more...


02 June, 2008


in recent time i've created some pieces of clothing with label of 3tulips
i will took photos of them in time.

the only minus of that shirt is, that the fabric is very ... soft.
you wear it three times and it gets ripped in seam.

after i made it
i found this interesting ::shirt:: on etsy.


it was raining yesterday.
very strange storm it was.
huge rain drops and sun...
ghostlike time...

01 June, 2008


i found that picture on cup of jo the other time.
photo is originaly from grance dore
... one of my favorite fashion blogs.

you can see that deep blue is fashionable again... in paris...
i am thinking of sew one deep blue wide pants like ::this::or this::


another picture from my set.
i don't know what it si good for.
i think i will just collect these feather heroes... and see what will happen.

i am thinking about make short "protect" story about each of them.
but i don't have any creative idea yet...