10 June, 2008


last week i was on vernissage of half a year works of students from ::academy of arts, architecture and design in prague::

it was interesting, but i have to admit
that in recent years
i understand what's going on in these ateliers less and less.

design and art... chm...
i hold an oppinion, that art cannot be good and understandable
and beautiful
when it is not useful.

and these school works:
"do whatever you want on the theme
how it can be understandable
when the only one who see purpouse of it
is just author himself

photos are by my friend from last.fm
and it was real fun to go through this with him and his artistic taste.

1 comment:

Lukc said...

Understandable is negotiable ... but whether you like it or not is not.

I've just had a great idea for a series of very understandable and cynical posters :)

more soon!