25 July, 2008


a year old scatch.
i just decided to put it into ink line.

i love the way ink is setting down on paper...

24 July, 2008


my new addiction.
i just've spend like hour on this fabulous blog:
davey dance blog

Davey Dance Blog -41- MADISON,WI - Sister Sledge "We Are Family" from Pheasant Plucker on Vimeo.

Davey Dance Blog -50- ORLANDO - The Beatles "Baby You're a Rich Man" from Pheasant Plucker on Vimeo.


prepareing for summer camp with children.
so i have to practise a lot with lot of colors.

::finaly find beauty of iron and wine
::oak fashion via shiny sqirrel.lots of beautiful staff like this dress, scarf or shoes.
::i am impationately waiting for nw batman to come in our cinemas.
::and i just saw funny dance video
::oh yes, and do you know davey dance blog?

17 July, 2008


some prints from zlatá koruna
i wanted to make more
but the weather was not wishing to my open air activities

16 July, 2008

diary excersise 4

drawn for my profesor
sick of disseminated sclerosis
he likes that kind of humour

it's based on quite real story.
i felt down the stairs, jamed my finger and hurt myself in like 3 other ways
and that all in one day

naxt morning i came to buy my breakfast
cripple and moaning
when black cat run across my road
"where were you yesterday?"
i lought to myself

now you see
i had to draw this

15 July, 2008


hallo to all
after long time.
i just came back from two weeks of my theatre summer.
this is my report from last week of playing shakespear's twelfth night in monastery zlatá koruna.

great time.
playing for watermans.
drinking in monasterial cellar till the dawn.
lot of sun and rain changing in well ballanced order.
all day long laing on back and watching clouds running.
listen to music.

i am happy and have new energy to start work on my final exams.

my summer soundtrack:
amiina ::hypem::last.fm::
johann johannsson ::last.fm::
clint mansell - the fountain OST ::last.fm::hypem::
angus and julia stone ::hyem::last.fm::

(by the way i felt in love with low quality photos of my phone... sometimes it makes great shots ::flickr::)