22 February, 2007

Tom Stoppard's Rock'N'Roll In Prague

Tom Stoppard wrote new play! Oh, yes! Awarded 3 times (if I remember well). Excelent mastrpiece about freedom, mind, heard and love. It takes a place in Cambridge and in Prague and ... blablabla.

Lets leave these boring facts.

I was on last run-through in Prague's National Theatre and at the beggining there is small concert of band that is main subject in the play - The Plastic People Of The Universe - old underground rock band that switched the resistenc towards regime. It's excelent!

But regrettably the scenography and conception is to much resambling to the London inscenation.

(upper photo is from Czech inscenation at the NT - cast Alojs Švehlík and David Prachař, the lower one is from inscenation at the Royal Court Theatre - cast Brian Cox and Rufus Sewell, the last photo is from beggining of Prague inscenation - concert of The Plastic People Of The Universe)

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