19 November, 2007

event of the day

we had ladies party. go on short film festival, have a beer and wine in theatre bar, having biscuits and tea at home, dying and cuting hair...some photos are from home of my friend i've spent this night. get her cushion wet cause of my brand dyed hair (i am darker now - the best look for winter).

i have really strange experiences with guys in last time... but i don't want to write about it here cause ::thay may be listening...::

sad time for world where woman become a man, man is man no more and what it is, none knows...

- craig thompson has released new post. if you want to know something about love, i recommend, among others, his blankets.

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ahasver said...

have you read the "blankets" (i love it)? and i also like café in komedie... hm, this post reminded me of so many things - thanks