20 May, 2008


last week i bought new self-filling brush for red ink
i made some pictures with it and it works well

in last week visits of my site lowed down for more than half.
it is sad that readers are leaving, but what...
the ones of you
who are interested in my work and all i do
are still with me
and to all of them goes my thanks
and wishes of all the best


Amber said...

I'm here reading and being inspired by you. :) you never fail to do that. You are a beautiful person with a beautiful life and have a whole lot to say... so don't ever stop.

Robin said...

I read all your posts through Google Reader usually instead of coming here...I think many people do that nowadays, so that might contribute to stats going down.
But I'm still reading!
I love your artwork!

ruth-anne said...

i've been inspired by your blog as well czina, your way of being real. and i love your images of life in prague. xo