21 January, 2008


this weeks were hectic. last few days i've spend in mountains. on friday afternoon, we were sitting in a pub over the hill. behimd windows mist and soft rain and falling dusk inside beer and conversation about fairy tales and how to put them on the stage.

on the way home my child heart woke up after many months. i saw elfs and pilgrims with stone hearts and unheaded riders, phantoms and giants apearing from the mist. glowing eyes of large wolfs hiding in shadows and warm light of alone standing tavern.

and the fresh air riped my city lungz...


Robin said...

beautiful post, love your words and your photos!

punch for lunch said...

ok ok, so i was tagged, huh??;)
well, i had no idea what the hell does it mean but after i read some of your post and clicked on a link that lead to someone else's blog i can finally say i might know what "to be tagged" means;)..ufff..:D
i might write something but i dont have 7 people to tag...or i could tag you 7 times;)
ciao girl!
seems like u found some way how to shoot photos just the way you want it:)...and it works with me!:)
so after u write the 7 things i might do that too...but you go first;)

mansuetude said...

love the wet dreamy photos... nice thoughts.

mmhmm said...

brilliantly put, my dear.

I miss you, and I miss these adventures.



Diana said...

these photos are very beautiful. calm but alive