24 January, 2008

i was tagged

i was tagged by loraine some time ago. so here it comes:

i have very vivid dreams full of coloures and travelling
what makes my definetly excited is smell of men and good theatre performence
i can not save money. if i have them - i waste them
there are times when i hate washing myself. like today.
i don't like my lips that are bit too big and my small teeth that makes me lisp
i like my hands. hands are the most interesting and the most important part of body. according to hands i judge whole person.
i am addicted on music of any kind. in that moment i am listening to efterklang

ok. some taggs from me now:
- punch for lunch is the one who opened my way to our home - czech blogs
- ashley rose halvey is the one with who i strated virtual comunication first. thanks.
- shiny squirrel
have opend a world of fashion blogs to me
- creativeadoration was my inspiration and encouragement in hard times of my blogging.
- heartthrobs and villains and simpy olive i found in recent time and i am very interesting in their posts.
- at last the only one who appeared in my real world from world of blogs was ahasver


Robin said...

Good list! It's fun to see a picture of you, too!

simplyolive said...

hi czina...i finally posted my 7 things.

ali said...

I have small teeth, too. But lucky you, I hate my hands. They look like they belong to nervous five-year-old.

I like the picture, too. :)