27 January, 2008


it's strange to walk on the street
and feel the wind blowing through your hair
and putting healthy colour to your cheeks at the end of january
and hear birds sings at the end of january
and see grass getting greener at the end of january

today i saw ::stranger than fiction:: and my writer obsession appeared again. i was thinking how difficult is to write a novel and i finished first book of my diary.

i was invited on concert tonight ::made by the fire::
i am in bad mood... thanks to silly think... rules of crapshooting...
due this depression is my presence on the concert uncertain...

but i'll go there anyway

i think


Atomic Lauren said...

I thought Stranger than Fiction was a fantastic movie. Nice choice! If you do sing with the band you need to video it and send it to me! i would love you here you sing.

Joanna Goddard said...

ooh, hope you feel better:) i love that top photo.

Toni said...

Good morning - I've just started reading your blog in the last few days, and when I discovered I'd been 'tagged' yesterday, I decided to tag-back some new folks. [Details are on my blog: http://undertones-artgypsy.blogspot.com]
I see from a recent entry here that you, too, were just tagged -- so if you're 'tagged out', don't worry about it (smile). I think you're blog is so original!

Jessica said...

I love this movie.