04 February, 2008


i've rested in bad mood.
but the concert was great. if you want to listen to music of madebythefire...here

some news (for that i was long time out of contact)
i need to change my hair and i love this hair cut
felt in love with this skirt and was surprised by this photo. and here is something for your breakfast.

tage wie dieser has a new posts after long time. especially this is great.


simplyolive said...

i love all your links today!
especially the nude photo...

do cut your hair! (i recently had mine chopped off on a vacation,almost exactly like the one you like - i didn't want it that short, but it was "lost in translation"...)

Toni said...

The haircut is FABULOUS!!! My hair is even shorter than that. Did you cut it like this already? The colors of the skirt, yes! I can't quite figure out how it goes on, is it a wrap? Scary photo, actually! And the tea bags, I am going to do that with my niece at our next tea party!