05 February, 2008


this weekend we've spend in small village called dolní buková.
it's the place where shop is opened one hour per week, and pub just on friday.
we slept in old gymnastic room next to the taproom.

main aim was to beggin rehersals of our new performence in kind of nice and isolated atmosphere.

bud on saturday we had to involve in local carnival parade (more photo ::here::).
all fun is based on parade going from door to door through whole village. in every door you have short and donut.

after 2h we all tasted so much alcoholic drinks we didn't taste in our whole entire lives and all of us get drunk.
and aftrwords, in the pub another singing and dancing and another drinking

after all it was perfect weekend. sun and freeze and shorts. we read text of our new performence and talked about it. in atmosphere of fun and laugh.



Toni said...

What amazing fun! Americans don't have such ... close ... traditions, they only seem to want to do HUGE parties like the Mardi Gras in New Orleans. I prefer the idea of a smaller community, going door to door. I would be drunk after 2 doors, though! Thank you for sharing! When I fantasize about visiting Czech (which I do ALL the time), I will now be able to include this!

Atomic Lauren said...

hehe, you guys look amazing! that sounds like great fun!