05 February, 2008


look at the beauty of move

hm that is how my life is moving
some days ago i met new friend on last.fm
i find out that one of my blog readers is toni. very nice person, but the kind of i didn`t ever expect to find as reader of constructive lazzines (glad to meet you toni).

i found beautiful photos from family trees ::flickr::livejournal:: and great ::video :: from her (i hope it`s her)

and another photos from my flickr friends ::here::here::here:: and picture of joy and fun ::here::

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Toni said...

Hi, Czina -- I was so surprised to see you mentioned ME, while I was on my blog naming YOU! I love love love the photograph of the horse ... this link is to a page in my archives but I want you to see it, because I have this dream so many times, each time it moves a little forward, and horses are in my dreams (with mermaids) at least 3 times a week. I LOVE your blog. I did a blog entry about you and also I added your blog on my sidebar of 'soul food' links. I want everyone I know to 'meet' you. I wish I could speak Czech -- my Internet translator doesn't even do that!