22 June, 2007


this is one of the (hope i should say) friends i found on PQ 07.


justin is from texas. looks like a comix hero. he knows many things and he knows he knows them (if you know what i mean).

what he realy is i'm not sure. he was introduced me as a great puppeteer but i found out he's kind of stage designer, musician, sewer costume designer, actor, shoemaker, singer, tap dancer, dancer at all, member of sunrise club and party leader.


with him surprises never stops.
the first one was about music that he is listening. actually i never met someone who
is fan of the same kind of music as me. it's mybe for tah i am listening to that
anglo-american rock, folk, acustical, indie stuff that hardly no one knows in here.

listen to one of our favorite:

and at the end short video of cody and justin at the prague-leaving evening.

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