07 March, 2008


yesterday i made a little walk through prague castle.
sun and wind made my skin smell so sweet
i started to regreatting there was noone who i could sand this spring smell of mine to.

i had brief conversation with simplyolive how it would be nice to meet all of you, who read blogs of us.
i was suggesting holidays in prague.
if you anyone have way around, don't hesitate to let me know!

i just recieved you made my day award from toni. thanks for that, toni.

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Toni said...

How I love the simplicity of your words, with so much depth! I am sending you some of the sweet spring smell from Phoenix, which was bathed in blooming cacti and rinsed with the songs of all the returning birds. Your spring smell must be different -- with hints of fresh snowfall and a different kind of sunlight. I dream so so so of visiting Prague. If I ever do, I will tell you in advance so we can meet and share a cup of coffee. More than that, I want to see you in a drama. I imagine you have a powerful ability to become your character(s) and that is magic to watch!