05 March, 2008


strange day today.
sun and snow.
day at the middle of winter and spring.

rehearsals went in strange ways, but finaly it was not bad.

the first photo is about love to theatre...
the heart is made from the theatre ticket.
and the next two are just my way how to escape from the strange stuck in the middle of creating dramatic process.

i was listening to the new gnarls barkley album.
i was stunned by song ::open book::, but can't find it to give you a picture.
so here is ::gone dady gone::.
not even close to the feeling i had from ::open book::, but...

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Toni said...

Hi, Czina -- I wanted to let you know I have given you an award, which you can go pick up on my blog. http://undertones-artgypsy.blogspot.com I am still visiting you every day but I am trying NOT to bother you with so many comments.