26 March, 2008


there used to be sun.
now the snow falls again.
what a strange spring this year!

some spots for today:
interesting items and the musical background makes you browse it for a long while.
full of fabulous.cushions

preview of new bjork video
via pitchfork.
i think it will be just great video.

::all we need is sleep:: na ::familly tree::
made my day again.
as usual.

i am addicted on ::coldplay :: again
in last time.
i love their lyrics!
always make me cry.

and i adore les fleurs from ::4hero::


Toni said...

Hi! I was so hoping to see a picture of what you sewed this weekend ... no? But I love the angel.

leah said...

you're adorable. thank you!

Anonymous said...
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