11 February, 2008


ok. i am a bit drunk...

yesterday we had a carneval parade with children on vyšehrad (hill in prague)
we had about 200 participants i gues, it was hard to count.
great thing... we were voting if to execute carneval horse or not.
remind of running president elections in here (it's as well carneval as we did)

and now i came back from premiere eve of musical comedy in school
i have fear from man that is in love with me
i am drunk
i am tired
and i am sad
all day long thinking of my summer love... can't get him out of my head

listening to please the trees (thank you mascee) and blooming klaxons and all the music that reminds me of spring...

1 comment:

Toni said...

Paint the color of your emotions about your summer love in your moleskin.