15 February, 2008


yesterday it was valentine's day
i don't celebrate that it
it's not tradition in our family nor country

this was the only valentine gift i ever gave.

last days i started hate all the heart shaped things that bursted into my reader.
just for example

i am getting mad seeing this quite silly pink shape

::sorry to all who deeply celebrate it::


Toni said...

I agree with you 1,000%. I do not believe in days where something external tells you that you MUST celebrate. My romance and love is in my heart always and every day I try to show it when it is a genuine feeling inside. I feel that way about all holidays, to tell you the truth. Everything is commercial now.

Anyway, this picture of yours today is saturated, rich, like the feeling of spring coming.

ahasver said...

pink is good ;) remember my photo!

think positive. you know that in spite of all whinning i do it deep in my heart. and sometimes it works. and you are good in it too ;) so what are you waiting on?
it will be nice weather during the weekend ;) enjoy it

Jess said...

word. not a truer word spoken.

xo - anyway.

ruth-anne said...

haha! don't you want some chocolate hearts? ;)

Czina said...

...hmmm if it's chocolate i can't say no.