16 February, 2008

sun fronted prague

on thursday gray and freezy evening i was speaking with ahasver about my immediate life fight and i ended with sentence: i hope tomorrow sun will shine.

and i woke up yesterday morning looking into blue sky.

in the afternoon i had walk through old town prague center...
and after that for more than five hours sitting in indigo
watching sun and running clouds
and was fascinated with lonely snow flakes

and reading keroak's on the road


Toni said...

The photos of Prague made me cry. I am at a low point -- creativity is fallow and I am trying to be patient to wait for its return. I hope you don't mind my daily visits -- I feel like your blog is a narcotic for my soul.

mansuetude said...

what language do you read Jack in? I bet he would be thrilled to know his travels have "traveled" so far--farther than he (across the globe).

On the Road, has traveled "on the road" a lot longer than Jack. Fascinating isn't it?

and, ahh, to have the sun at your command. :) Nice.