20 February, 2008


looking for roots
this morning i was looking for house where my grandparents used to live
and i found it

one my friend made me a company.
and after that we went to his place and have musical party
going through all my favorite music videos. as this, this and this and of course this and some of my new discoveries on fabchannel.

sun, music and live, as meggie mentioned


Toni said...

What a grand house! I imagine secret rooms and hiding places. Did you visit them there?

Czina said...

my grandperents do not live here for about 10 years. and my grandpa is already dead.
but i remember what it was like to visit them here.
attic flat with lots of hidden places and treasures.

Marek said...

Registruji naprosto všechny nové umělecké příspěvky.
Jen se snažím chovat jako vizuální čtenář, tolik nepsat.
Na nic jiného v tomhle případě totiž ani nemám, než tiše mlčet a...

Jen tak dál P. :)