23 February, 2012

Quilting with Pinterest

My husband finally made us a bed. It's fabulous thing from oak and steel. It's so comfortable to sleep on it,'s hard to make the bed as long as we don't have any big blanket to cover it with.

So I dived in to world of quilting. I used Pinterest as my source of inspiration (what else to use, by the way!). And I indeed found some!

Now I am fighting with the precision. Even with the ironing I simply cannot get the squares fit perfectly together. But than I look at the really old quilts made in hand and I say: "What the hack!" And I make it as it comes.

It will be just perfect thing to cover our new bed with.

Quilt Stuff
Modern Day Quilts
Crafty Blossom
Pinterest "patchwork"
Pinterets "quilts"
My Quild Board

Where do you go for inspiration and advice to this sort of thing?

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